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B444 Barn and WC

model railroad barn building

B444 Barn building and WC.

This aged rural barn structure has obviously been seriously exposed to the rain and wind throughout the years since it was first constructed.

Yes it is rustically weathered and would look remarkably realistic on your model railroad. It is easy to build.

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 $5.50 model kitset

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1 -- B426 : Grain Silo with Barn $7.80
2 -- B428 : Grain Elevator $7.50
3 -- B443 : Farm/Warehouse Building $9.95
4 -- B444 : Barn with outhouse $5.50
5 -- B445 : Smokehouse and Tractor Shed $5.50

Regular $36.25

$19.95 kits buildings

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scale chart of barn size

scale sizing chart for farm barn sizes

This model farm barn building looks rustic and in much need of a good paint, but no need to worry as you won't need to be doing any painting, because actually looks more authenic the way it cuurently is. The weathering techniques already in place on this barn are impressive and definitely gives it heaps of character.

If you haven't constructed a printable kit before, you'll certainly enjoy the process and find it easy. You can also print out the kit numerous times (without paying for more than one download). Each one comes with easy-to-follow sketches demonstrating where each of the parts fits. The printable model kits pre-weathered to provide rustic character and authenticity to the finished structure... but, that's not stopping you from applying your own unique detailing if you want to.

Download the printable barn PDF (it should take less than one minute or so), then print it out, then glue it to cardstock, cut it out, and glue the pieces together. The whole exercise is definitely simple and quick.

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The best value buy is the multi package deal seen above. It includes the tractor shed, smokehouse, the factory warehouse, the grain elevator and the big red barn and silo. The package is amazing value for money!

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