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railway models 1 - B437 - Locomotive Shed $9.95
2 - B439 - Telegraph Office with Phone Booth $6.50
3 - B440 - Goods Depot $9.95

Total Value $26.40

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B437 Engine Shed


B437 Engine shed workshop (metal sheeting version). Designed around a life-sized building 58.5ftL x 28.5ftW x 31ftH.

This railway engine shed / locomotive repair maintenance workshop is a functional building rather than a nice looking building. It has easy access from both ends and shows signs of weathering with plenty of rusty metal sheets lining the walls.

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Model railroading terms differ somewhat from country to country, but modelers generally know what we are on about when we mention "an engine shed." Some railroaders might call it a Motive Power Depot or MPD for short, or a Running Shed, or a Traction Maintenance Depot, or maybe a Locomotive Shed or Workshop. The terms all basically refer to the same thing - a place to park diesel or steam locomotives, and a depot for work crews to undertake maintenance and repairs to keep the engines in good operating condition.

During the steam engine days these repair facilities were utilized for replenishing water as well as refuelling, lubricating with oil and gease, and for removal and disposal of ash. Locomotive construction and some major overhauls were often completed in the locomotive works.

The B437 engine shed you see pictured on this page is a scaled down replica of the real life-sized thing. It is realistically detailed and carefully weathered with dirt and rust marks, in the same way a full-sized locomotive workshop would be. That's not to stop you adding your own weathering details to this shed if you feel you want to, but you probably won't consider it necessary especially when you look closely at the quality of the weathering job that's already been done.

Download this model railroad building in PDF and save it to a folder on your computer. By doing that you'll know exactly where the PDF is when you want to run off a copy or two.

After you have printed out the PDF file, glue all the printed parts to cardstock (a cereal packet is ideal) - then using a craft knife you cut out the parts and glue the parts together. The PDF includes diagrams. It sounds really very easy and it really is!

Downloading from this website happens almost instantly so you don't need to wait (or pay for) postage. You'll have the engine shed plan in minutes (if not seconds).

The best buy is the option that includes the big engine shed, the freight depot, and the telegraph office building with little phone booth.

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