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1 B431 A railway station $8.50
2 B419 A railroad Shed $3.80
3 B422 Two Silos $12.95
4 B436 Locomotive Shed $9.95

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B436 Engine Shed

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B436 Model railroad engine shed. By comparison the prototype building would be 58.5ft L x 28.5ft W x 31ft H (approx)

No denying, this model railroad loco shed workshop is not pretty - it's not supposed to be. It is the big concrete building where all the repairs and maintenance is done on steam and diesel locomotives. It is realistically weathered and would look the part on a well-weathered model railroad. See the discount buy above.

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Almost all medium sized model railroads have probably one (or two) locomotive sheds - many larger railroads will have several. That not surprising when you consider exactly how many locomotives most modelers have in their collection. An engine repair shed is not only an ideal building to store steam and diesel locomotives, but it also gives wonderful character to a rail yard.

This workshop/engine shed (whatever you like to call it), couldn't be described as beautiful, far from it. Some might even call it ugly, but that's precisely what gives it so much authenticity and character. It is no hard to imagine busy maintenance crews working on servicing and repairing the locomotives to keep them in good operating condition.

This scaled down engine maintenance shed replicates a big concrete slab building with huge open ends for easy track access from both ends. The structure looks dirty just like one might imagine a busy workshop would be. So, unless you actually want to, you needn't bother doing any detailing or weathering to make it look genuine - it already looks the part!

To begin the construction, firstly download the B436 engine shed plan. It is a PDF (a very common and user-friendly format). Save the PDF file to your computer (or USB stick) so you know where to locate it when you want to print out copies. Choose the scale you are going to set your printer settings to. The current plan is OO scale (the size you download). To change it to HO all you do is adjust the PDF or your printer to 87% of the actual size. N scale gets adjusted to 48% of actual size and Z scale drops to 35%. S scale goes up to 118%. After printing out the PDF plan you glue the various parts onto some old cardstock (maybe the back of a muesli packet). Cut each part out when dry and adhere them together... and the model kit is completed unless you decide to touch up the edges a little by using a artist brush. You could then spray the finished structure with matt varnish, however that is entirely optional.

The best buy is the multi package deal featured above. With that you get the big concrete engine shed workshop, a small railroad shed, a small railway station, and an impressive silos facility.

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