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Factory building model 

B443 Factory / Farm Building

model railroad farm building

B443 Farm or Warehouse building.

This well weathered warehouse / factory/ farm building even has visible cracks in the brickwork. It doesn't look brand new. It looks totally convincing when constructed.

This structure will look brilliant on your model railroad especially when positioned near the B444 barn or the B426 grain silo - see the offer under this.

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1 B426 - Grain Barn Silo = $7.80
2 B428 - Elevator = $7.50
3 B443 - Farm/Factory Building = $9.95
4 B444 - Barn = $5.50
5 B445 - Tractor Shed including a Smokehouse = $5.50

Price $36.25

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scale sizes for factory buildings

The multitude of uses for a scale model factory building on a layout are numerous. The structure could be utilized as an industrial warehouse building, a small factory, a mechanics workshop, a rural farm building, or even simply as a barn... the options are numerous.

Whatever use you put it to, it is easy to see the age of the building and how it has obviously seen a lot of use over the years. It is not dilapidated and it hasn't fallen into disrepair, but it is exhibiting natural signs of wear and tear. It is honestly weathered to replicate real life use with indications of dirt and grime built up from years of use.

It even has an added extention (a smaller building), that looks like it might have been added to the main building at some point in recent years. It would look even more authentic with a couple of old vehicles parked outside, or a van or truck ready for loading/unloading, or possibly a farm tractor parked outside.

To construct this warehouse/factory/farm building you just need to download the PDF plan from this site. That part surprisingly quick and easy as it usually only takes a few seconds. You then save the downloaded PDF file on your computer hard drive (or on a portable hard drive or USB stick) for later use.

Then print out the plan with your home printer.

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Constructing a model railroad building like this is indeed easy and an enormous amount of fun. The end results are truly impressive!

You'll be thrilled to know you can print out more than just one copy if you think you might need a similar building on your railroad layout. Printing a second copy won't breach international copyright laws given you are doing it solely for your own private usage.

The above current special deal includes a grain elevator, a tractor shed, a smoke house, a barn and an outhouse, along with another big barn and a grain silo... and not forgetting the factory warehouse building. Choose the special discount package offer for the best buy.

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