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1. B-426 Barn & Grain Silo $7.80
2. B-428 Elevator for Grain $7.50
3. B-443 Warehouse/Farm Structure $9.95
4. B-444 Barn with a WC $5.50
5. B-445 Tractor Shed & Smoke house $5.50

Reg $36.25

$19.95 kits buildings

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B428 Grain Elevator


B428 Grain Elevator.

Looking so realistic, this model grain elevator would look brilliant as a feature on a farm scene diorama or in a country scene on a model railroad. Put this grain elevator in a landscape with the Barn Silo (B426) seen above in the 44% markdown offer.


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A grain elevator and flour mill was often the most prominent structure alongside a railroad track. Basically a grain elevator is a very tall tower which contains a bucket elevator (or pneumatic conveyor), which is designed to scoop the grain up from a lower level and then deposit it in a silo (or another storage facility).

Today grain elevators are constructed in concrete and steel, but in days gone by they were constructed from timber so were vulnerable to fire. Bucket elevators lift the grain where it falls though conveyors or spouts into silos, tanks or bins. The grain gets weighed and blended ready for transportation to wholesalers or grain exporters via railroad, road, or in some cases on a barge. In real life the height of grain elevators varied from 80 feet to 130 feet.

Grain elevator model B428 looks just like the real thing and has even been pre-weathered to make it look like it has been exposed to lots of sunshine and rain over the years. The sign painted on the side of the tower is even fading away after years of exposure to the conditions. This model is incredibily realistic and looks like a miniature version of the kind of structure you would see on a farm alongside a real railroad.

Each of these model buildings is delivered to you thanks to the internet as an instant download. Being a PDF file makes the file easy to save to your computer ready for you to print out a copy whenever you want. There is no problem printing multiple copies as long as the prints are for you personally, and are not sold, traded, swapped, or given away to anyone else.

Constructing the kits is easy and a huge amount of fun. You print out the model on paper, glue it to the cardboard on a cereal packet, cut it out and glue it together. The drawings will guide you through the process.

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Order now, and take advantage of the special multi pack offer above where you get 5 model buildings at a discounted price: a barn grain silo, a factory warehouse, a tractor shed and smokehouse, a barn and outhouse, and not forgetting the tall grain elevator.

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