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model train buildings - pack 4

1| B-432 Railroad Signal Box $7.50
2| B-435 Engine Shed $9.95
3| B-430 6 x Ships Containers $6.50
4| B-438 Crossing Shanty $5.50

Value $29.45

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 scale sizes chart model trains signalling box

signal box model

B432 Signal Box

building special

B432 Railway Signal Box. Shaped on a real building 26ft L x 10ft W x 20ft H - approx.

This model signal box comes with and without grafitti so you can decide which version you want to build. It is the perfect accompaniment to the engine workshop model (B435) seen directly above in the exclusive offer.

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Every model railway needs one or more signal boxes on the layout. Here you get two railway signal boxes for the price of one. You'll get one that has grafitti painted on the walls and one that doesn't. You can then chose which one you prefer to construct. In truth; you can copy off as many prints as you wish, providing they are for your exclusive use only. They can't be resold, traded, or given away to others.

You'll see how incredibly realistic these model buildings are when you begin constructing them. By the way, they are a lot of fun and very easy to construct.

Simply download the kit or kits (they are PDF files) to your home laptop/computer before printing to the scale of your model railway layout.

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These model railway buildings come to you by instant download in the very popular PDF format, which you simply save to your computer/laptop and then print out at your liesure. After that, you glue them onto the back of an old discarded cereal pack and begin gluing the parts together by following the drawing supplied.


Each of the model building kits has been pre-weathered to add character and true realism to the scene. The model railway signal box kit even has a choice of plain brick walls or one's with grafitti painted on... and, you can still add your own weathering or finishing touches if you like.


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