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B445 Tractor Shed and Smokehouse

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B445 Tractor shed and smokehouse building.

This old tractor shed has been exposed to plenty wind and years of driving rain and it shows plenty of weathering. Also included is a smokehouse.

These model buildings would look great on a railroad layout with the barn and WC buildings (B444). Fun and easy to construct.

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Every farm needs a tractor or implements shed to store and protect machinery and farm equipment. The same goes for a farm on a model railroad layout. The machinery still needs to be stored away protected for the weather. And, this model of a tractor shed has certainly been exposed to weather extremes over the years if appearances are anything to go by. It has been pre-weathered for you to make it look like a real tractor shed on a real working farm. The model building also comes with an adjoining toolshed and a separate smokehouse.

To make this tractor shed, toolshed and smokehouse, you first need to download plan B445. Downloading takes about a minute and you get the model in PDF format so you can print out and construct as many models as you want.

After downloading and saving the PDF file on your computer, you print it out, glue it onto some card before assembling it. The PDF includes step by step illustrations of what to do, but you probably won't even need them because construction is so easy and logical. However, they are included if you need them.

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Save 44% on the normal price by grabbing the multi-pack deal above. You not only get the tractor shed with toolshed attached and smokehouse, plus you also get the barn and WC, along with the giant red barn with silo, the tall grain elevator, and not forgetting the versatile factory warehouse building.

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