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You'll get the 2 big engine sheds, 6 low relief buildings (for your backdrop), a grain elevator, big barn, tractor shed, telegraph office, train station and much more. Purchased separately these cost $168.57, but TODAY you pay only $47... a saving of $121.57. That works out at just $2.35 each!


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These model railway buildings are very easy to assemble and feature amazing details, so you won't have to purchase model paints to complete them. You just download them (PDF files), then print them to the sizing you need, and follow the easy assembly instructions. Scaling the PDF's is really simple too. You can just adjust the percentage setting for the PDF, or on your printer to scale the models to size.

See exactly what you get:


1. B426 Barn Grain Silo $7.80 barn grain silo 2. B428 Grain Elevator $7.50 grain elevator model 
3. B443 Factory/Farm Building $9.95 factory farm building 4. B444 Barn and WC $5.50 farm building model
5. B445 Tractor Shed and Smokehouse $5.50 tractor shed model 6. B437 Engine Shed $9.95 locomotive workshop
7. B439 Telegraph Office and Phone Booth $6.50 telegraph office model 8. B440 Goods Depot $9.95 freight depot model
9. B431 Railway station $8.50 model train station 10. B419 Railroad Shed $3.80 railroad shed model

11. B442 Train Station Platform (small)


$5.50  train station platform 12. B441 Train Station Platform (large) $7.50 railway station platform
13. B422 Silos $12.95 silo models 14. B436 Engine Shed $9.95 locomotive shed model
15. B453 2 Level Building      $12.95 warehouse building model 16. B454 Garage Warehouse $9.95 garage warehouse model 
17. B455 3 Level Building $12.95 office warehouse model 18. B456 2 Level Warehouse Office $10.95 model of a warehouse
19. B457 Brick Warehouse $9.95 brick warehouse for model railroad 20. B458 Low Relief Building $8.95 building for model railroad

TOTAL $168.57 -TODAY You Pay Only $47!

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Each kit includes easy to follow diagrams showing you where each part fits together. No special tools are required... a craft knife, and some glue are the main tools. These model railway buildings can be built using cardboard (an old conflake pack), or use foam-core (or core-flute) which are both very low-cost and obtainable at most DIY Hardware stores.


You can print out as many copies as you require for your own private use, however you cannot give the PDF, or copies away (unless you are buying them as a gift), you can't trade, or sell them. Those are the copyright terms.

If you want to change the scale size, that's simple too:

  • OO scale prints to the same size (100%)
  • HO scale - you simply reduce the print to 87%
  • S scale enlarge it to 118%
  • Z scale reduce it to 35%
  • N scale reduce it to 48%

To purchase these model railway buildings simply click the order button above... and you can have your model buildings delivered within just 5 minutes to your PC. You can save them to your hardrive, copy them to a disk (or memory stick) ready to print out whenever you want.


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