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model train buildings - pack 4

1: B432 | Signal Box : $7.50
2: B435 | Engine Shed : $9.95
3: B430 | Shipping Containers : $6.50
4: B438 | Crossing Shanty Model : $5.50

All Up Price $29.45

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crossing shanty 

B438 Crossing Shanty

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B438 Crossing shanty with tool shed. A scaled replica of a real-life building 28ft Length (includes tool shed) x 14.5ft Width x 17ft Height (approx)

The railway crossing shanty will give the crossing gateman some protection from the weather and a clear view of the train crossing and road. Would look great on a railroad with the signal box (B-432) - see the bargain offer just above.

 railway model $5.50

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Since the advent of the steam engine so many years ago, there has been a very dangerous liaison with railway crossings (and public streets). Those were in the days before today’s "automated crossing barrier protection devices." The crossings on the busier railroads were often controled by a flagman whose specific job was to stop road traffic (and the pedestrians) whenever trains approached. However, in reality the flagman typically spent considerable time waiting between trains, so he (woman were not often seen) needed a place to stay whilst waiting. This is the reason a crossing shanty was often positioned close by the tracks so the flagman would be ready to jump into action whenever needed.

This B438 model is a scaled-down version of a traditional crossing shanty that would have been located alongside many railroads in years gone by. The shanty is covered with some grime and would look in place alongside the track on any model layout.

To build this crossing shanty you begin by downloading the PDF plan which is a PDF file - so will open on a home computer without problems.

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After you print out a copy (you can print several if you want), you glue the various parts on to some thin cardstock eg. a cereal pack. Then cut out each part and glue the model together. The crossing shanty model (B438) is already finely weathered, so you shouldn't need to do any work to age the building - unless you want to. The crossing shanty (just like all these model buildings) is available to you immediately via download (with at least 5 minutes).

Click the order link above, and you will have your kit (s) downloaded almost right away to your PC.

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