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railroad crossword 1



2. ____________ ____________ effects how power is distributed through the tracks to those locomotives that do not have decoders. To make a locomotive go, the pulses are stretched on one side and then the other, outputting more positives then negatives. 

5. The ____________ is a way to control locomotives and other aspects of the layout. 

6. ____________ ____________ is the weight when the railroad car is empty. 

9. ____________ ____________ are those railroad cars that provide protection to automobiles which are in transit on the train. 

11. Hobbyists often use a portable and ____________ device to control their locomotives. Simple devices have speed and direction controls while more advanced models are on the market. 

13. A ____________ ____________ runs faster than real time. It allows the trains to be run in a compressed time. 

14. A ____________ ____________  is a metal or plastic piece that is shaped a bit like a flattened C. It slides onto rails and aligns them. 

15. The ____________ is a term used to describe everything in the model train setup. It includes all the model train cars, its tracks and all the pieces of scenery. 

17. ____________ is when a model train set resembles workings of a real-life railroad. 

19. A ____________ ____________ is much like a stop light. It tells the train to stop or go, whether there is another train on the track or if it needs to alter its course. 

21. The ____________ ____________ is a white sign with black numbers. It indicates the mileage of the track, often abbreviated MP. 

23. A ____________ is an employee of the railroad assigned to protect contractors or anyone performing work on a railroad right of way.

26. Model train enthusiasts that enjoy making objects from raw materials (as opposed to kits) are usually taking part in ____________ ____________.

28. ____________ are what cause a device to complete a task.

29. Put on your coat; it’s bound to be chilly! The ____________ is railcar used to transport perishable goods.

30. A ____________ breaker is used to shut down power.



1. The ____________ is an individual who’s job it is to guide the engineer or conductor in unfamiliar territory. 

3. NMRA is the acronym for National Model ____________ Association. 

4. The ____________ is where trains come together. They are hooked together, car by car, according to the railroad’s system. 

7. The ____________ is where one or more tracks are often used to exchange cars between railroads. 

8. Once a car has a ____________ ____________ tag, it must be repaired before it leaves the terminal. This car is defective and could bring damage to the train. 

10. ____________ is railroad track that is straight, not curved. 

12. The main attraction of any train set is the ____________. 

16. A ____________  resembles a rising curve that turns on an axis, much like a corkscrew. It’s often found on multi-level train layouts. 

18. ____________ is a standard for a system to operate model railroads digitally. 

20. In most model train kits ____________ lights are becoming popular. They convert electricity into light without using heat. 

22. When railroad staff need a break, they head back to the ____________ ____________ which houses them with the comforts of home. 

24. ____________ is the distance between the rails. 

25. The ____________ is the electricity that is moving through the model train set. 

27. A ____________ car transports liquids on a train. This liquid may be chemicals, acids, or even compressed gasses.                                       

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