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model railroad goods depot 

B440 Railroad Goods Depot

B440 Model railroad goods depot.

Make this goods depot building in HO, OO, N scale or any scale you want. Easy and fun to construct this very realistic looking scale model building. See the super-saver deal below.

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3 -- B440 Freight - Goods Depot $9.95

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goods depots for model trains scale sizes

On real life-size railroads, the switching yard is a set of track sidings where the cars and wagons get unloaded or loaded. A lot of engine shunting goes on as trains get moved around and wagons get added and deleted. On model train layouts a switching yard or siding is sometimes near a passenger train station, but in larger towns there might be a separate goods station or freight depot. Inward and outbound mail traffic might traditionally have been handled within (or nearby) the train station.

Depending on your country of location, the building was probably called a goods shed, or freight depot. This model (B440) is a scaled-down replica of what a typical freight depot might look like. You'll notice it has large doors, and is open at both ends, it includes a loading/unloading platform, and even features a little office. Look closely and you'll also notice it is weathered to indicate age.

To get the kit plan you download the PDF, then print it out (see details below), construct it using cardstock from a grocery box (eg. cereal pack). The plans are extremely easy to follow and the cost after construction is much less than what you might pay for a similar model in plastic.

You are welcome to save the PDF on your computer (or on a USB stick or disk) so you can print out copies whenever you want (it must be for your own individual use so as to avoid breaching the worldwide copyright laws.

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