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NOTE: The Model Railway Buildings Shown on this Website
Can Be Constructed for HO SCALE, OO GAUGE, or N SCALE Layouts

Can N Scale or HO Scale Buildings Be Built From Foam
or Cardboard For Your Model Railroad?

The simple answer is YES! Foam, corflute, and cardboard are great materials for making miniature railroad buildings in OO gauge, HO scale or in N scale. The downloadable PDF building plans on this website can be easily scaled to suit your needs.

For the purposes of this article we’ll mainly focus on HO which is the biggest selling train scale worldwide (although the OO is the top seller in the United Kingdom). N scale is the second biggest seller in most countries where model trains are sold. To scale these plans to HO you just need to adjust your printer settings to 87% as the plans are currently in OO gauge. That is really easy to do.

Creating the perfect environment for your railroad involves more than just building the track and setting up the train. You will want to create the proper scenery around the track to complete the effect. Today, that can be accomplished by using HO scale building kits and HO scale structures which provide the proper environment and perspective for your model railroad.

Of course, constructing the environment that surrounds your railway is often more time consuming than building the railroad itself. There are several means at your disposal to construct HO scale buildings which will help complete the world that you are creating.

What are Printable HO Scale Building Kits?

Essentially, these are complete kits that you download over the internet and print with your computer. You then put them together using card or foam sheets. They provide the environment which surrounds the railroad track. In most cases, this is usually a town, railroad station or other structures that provide the proper setting for your model railroad to operate. Based on real buildings, these printable photo-realistic kits are very intricate and accurate in detail.

There are certainly advantages when using HO scale building kits in creating your world. Some of them include the following;

All in One: In one kit you will get much of what you need to at least get a good start on building the environment around your railroad. Many of the kits are similar in nature, such as combining a railroad station and town setting to create a complete, realistic city.

Interaction: You can purchase more than one kit in order to create your own, unique world for your railroad. In fact, many of those in the hobby will often purchase several kits or separate, individual structures to re-create a specific location or perhaps one that they have imagined. In any case, these HO scale building kits will often work well with each other in creating the type of setting that you want.

Ho scale model of a shop

B483 --- Home & Shop


HO scale general store model

B427 --- General Store Model


HOscale model of an office building

B424 --- Large Building


HO scale model of an engine shed

B435 --- Big Loco Shed


HO scale model of a barn

B426 --- Large Red Barn


HO scale model of a church

B423 --- Church Building


HO scale model of a freight train depot

B440 --- Freight Depot Building




Quality: Creating your own world requires mixing and matching different types of buildings in order to create the right effect. However, the overall quality of the models used will make all the difference, especially to visitors who see your creation for the first time. These HO scale building kits offer good, solid quality that will hold up over the years in presenting your creation while being easy to clean and maintain.

Replacement: Some model towns last a lifetime while others get replaced very quickly. For enthusiasts that enjoy having their work undergo urban renewal from time to time, the ease of replacement that these particular models offer represents a definite advantage, especially in terms of time. Plus, the older ones can be stored for another day or to be used in other places.

HO Scale Structures

Thanks to today’s technology, there is more than one type of HO scale structures to be found for model railroad enthusiasts. In the old days, these models were often created by hand using wooden pieces that were cut, assembled and painted to represent a proper structure. Unfortunately, few people have the time, money or skill to pull off this type of modeling.

However, we now have at least two different forms of HO scale structures that are now available to be purchased. There are traditional scale buildings created from plastic, much like what is used to create model cars and airplanes and a new method of printing realistic, 3D type model fronts which can wrap around ordinary blocks or simple structures that provide a marvelous effect.

Models: Full, plastic models are the traditional form of structures that surround model railroad tracks. They provide a three-dimensional effect that can be quite realistic after they have been painted and meticulously airbrushed. Of course, traditional plastic models do not have the flexibility of creating the unit yourself, which means that the only real flexibility lies in how you paint them. Plus, plastic models have become more expensive over time which means more of an investment is needed.

Low Relief Buildings: These low relief buildings offer another dimension when it comes to adding the right perspective for the railroad. Although they give the impression of being complete, fully created buildings, they are really simple, three-sides structures that show off the front of the HO scale structure. While the disadvantage may be that a very close inspection will reveal their two-dimensional nature, the fact is that when properly viewing the model railroad track and its surroundings, they offer a wonderful 3D type effect at a price which is usually much lower than traditional plastic or wooden models.

HO Scale Model Buildings

There are certainly many different types of HO scale model buildings that are available which can help you create your own world. Here are just some of the many different types of scale model buildings available.

Industrial: The typical industrial park is a very common site around railroad tracks and can provide your railroad with a more realistic environment. The Industrial pack includes a number of different industrial building fronts that provide a proper look and feel, especially when combined with a proper railroad stations and yard.

Warehouses: Warehouses are one of the most common sights in all towns. The warehouses that are provided in these packs demonstrate the different sizes and shapes that that typical warehouses can be found. Plus, they have the standard muted colors and simple signage that is often associated with warehouses in all parts of the country.

Shops: The shops demonstrated in these packs are typical of small town America which is one of the most popular types of models or fronts that are used in model railroads. The shops are very individualized using bright, bold colors to attract attention as many of these shops are in their towns.

Of course, the wide variety that all of these HO scale buildings bring is perhaps the most important part of their value. By providing high quality, excellent design and great versatility, an enthusiast can create and then re-create what they want simply and efficiently. This is the hallmark of model railroad construction is having the ability to change and adapt when you want. This is why HO scale building kits are some of the best investments that can be made.

I hope you get plenty of enjoyment constructing your kits, creating your scenery, and running your trains.

series 1 - model railroad buildings  

series2 - model railway buildings


Model Buildings

B419 Railway Shed
B420 Railroad Shed
B421 Cabin
B530 Silos
B423 Church
B424 Office Building
B425 House
B426 Barn Grain Silo
B427 Shop
B428 Grain Elevator
B429 Restaurant
B430 Containers
B431 Small Train Station
B432 Signal Box
B433 Waiting Shelter
B434 Railway Station
B435 Engine Shed
B436 Engine Shed
B437 Engine Shed
B438 Crossing Shanty
B439 Telegraph Office
B440 Railway Goods Depot
B441 Station Platform
B443 Factory Farm Building
B444 Barn and WC
B445 Tractor Shed
B508 Wild West Town
B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


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Low Relief Buildings

B446 Low Relief City Buildings

B459 Low Relief Industrial

B473 Low Relief Houses

B474 Low Relief Terrace Houses

B482 Low Relief Terrace Shops

B489 Low Relief Rail Yards

B546 Low Relief Rail Yards

B496 Low Relief Shops

Extendable Buildings

Tall Warehouse Buildings


93 model railroad buildings

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tall scale model warehouses - low relief structures

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