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buy model buildings 1. B 420 Railroad shed (or backyard shed)... $4.50
2. B 423 Church... $7.97
3. B 425 House... $8.97
4. B 427 Shop (or Store)... $7.90
5. B 434 Bus Shelters (2)... $4.90

Total Value $34.24

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B425 House


B425 Model House.

This house would look comfortably in place in any neighborhood. Easy and fun to make. It would appear at home on any model railroad alongside the shop (B427) or the Church (B.423) - both included below in our special offer. Print is to any scale you want...HO scale, OO scale, N scale.


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These very realisticly-looking model railroad buildings are great fun and straightforward for you to print & construct ... plus, the nice thing is you can print/assemble several of the same model if you choose without incurring an additional charge. Each building has easy drawings demonstrating where part together. These scale model paper kits are intricately weathered to provide real character and genuine realism to any model railroad scenic landscape. You can however, still include some unique detailing touches if you so choose.

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These railroad building models come to you instantly thanks to the internet. They are easy to open PDF downloads for you to save on your hard drive and then print out when you're ready to begin your construction. Choose to print out any number of copies if you like for your unique private (non commercial) or club layout, but the terms of purchase mean you can not give the plans to others, trade or sell them (which is only fair).

These railroad model products are covered by generous absolutely no questions asked money-back guarantee lasting 60 days.