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3. B462 - $6.97
4. B463 - $6.97
5. B464 - $6.50
6. B465 - $6.97

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B460 house

B460 Model House


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B461 house model

B461 Model House


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B462 scale house

B462 Model House



B463 model railroad home

B463 Model House 


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B464 railroad house 

B464 Model House


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B465 railway house

B465 Model House


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This residential streetscape is very inexpensive and surprisingly easy to assemble, and it can easily be scaled down to the size you want. The plans as a PDF in OO gauge size and you just adjust the print settings to resize the PDF to HO scale or N scale. It is very simple.

Print the the designs out on a home printer. Print one copy, two copies or more - the decision is over you how many copies you print because you will still only be charged for the one download. The only stipulation is; the copies much be for you personally. The international copyright laws are strictly enforced to prevent people selling, trading, or giving away unauthorized downloads.

If you haven't downloaded a PDF file before you'll be pleasantly surprised how little time it takes (usually less than a minute). The file can be saved in a safe place on your computer so you can access it whenever you want to make another building.

You then glue the printed plans onto card-stock (an old muesli/conflake pack is definitely suitable). Cut out the plans and glue the individual pieces together. The whole construction process takes only minutes and these model houses are unbelievably sturdy when dry. That's not to say you couldn't add additional cardboard supports for additional strengthening if you felt it necessary. Take a close up inspection of the house models and you'll spot the intricate detailing is already finished for you. So you won't need to spend hours adding realistic touches.


These model railroad buildings have the protection of our 60 day money back guarantee.