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B467 Building in Low Relief


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B468 Building in Low Relief


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B472 Building in Low Relief



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B470 Building in Low Relief 


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B471 Building in Low Relief


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B469 Building in Low Relief


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Low relief buildings will add incredible dimension and perspective to your model railway layout. This type of building is basically a 3-sided structure that gives the impression of it being a full sized building. Sometimes low relief structures are just one-sided and only show the front (or side) of a building. These buildings are usually positioned at the horizon, against a background, or at the edge of a railway layout. House are always a great inclusion on a railroad.

This housing scene is extremely inexpensive and surprisingly easy to assemble. It can be scaled down to any size you want. These plans are in OO gauge and they are easy to resize to HO or N scale. All you do is download the plans as a PDF file to your computer, and then print them out using your home printer. Print as many copies as you require, because as long as they are for your own personal private use, you won't breach the strict international copyright laws. You can print them using a matt photographic paper, but that is really not necessary. Ordinary paper you use for your everyday printing will look really good too.

For added strength you can glue the printed plans onto Foam Core (get it from an art store or hardware store) or Core Flute (corflute). Both materials come in a big sheet and are inexpensive to purchase. You simply glue the paper parts together and then glue them onto the pre-cut foam core. You won't need a saw, as a sharp craft knife will easily do the job. Leave each building to dry and you're finished. You can spray each building with a light coat of matt varnish (optional) for increased protection. Each building has flaps so you can adhere them directly to your backdrop if that's what you want to do.

Downloading a PDF takes only a minute or so. You can save the file(s) to your computer if you want to print out more in the future. Giving them away, or selling them, or trading them, or distributing them in any way is definitely prohibited as it breaches the copyright laws.

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Add Life & Realism to a Train Layout –
8 Steps to Building Model Railroad Mountains

By Guest Columnist Ray Singleton

Model railroad enthusiasts love adding life to their train layouts by depicting different sceneries in their layouts. The more details you add in your layout, the more realistic your railroad will look. One of the most common sceneries for model train layouts is the mountains in the background. Mountains are very easy to build and they can enhance the overall look of any railroad.

You can build mountains with some basic materials that you can easily find around your house, or you can use insulated foam board which you build up in layers and carve into shape. Following are the simple steps that you can follow to construct a mountain using traditional techniques:

Step 1

Mark the area where you want to place the mountains on your layout baseboard with a marker. Make sure that the area you have marked is easily accessible from all angles. This is necessary because you will have to add details to your mountain from various angles. Spread a sheet of plastic on your layout board around your work area. Use masking tape to secure the sheet in place.

Step 2

Make balls from the pieces of newspaper around 2 to 4 inches in diameter. Fix these newspaper balls on your layout board with a masking tape. Arrange these balls on your layout in the shape of a mountain.

Step 3

Take some cardboard and cut it into strips of varying lengths, having a width of 1 inch. The next step is to stick these strips on the newspaper balls to give your mountains a more accurate shape. These strips will also provide support for plaster. When applying the strips, use a crosshatching system. Start working from the base of the mountain all the way up, leaving an inch of space between each strip. Place vertical strips along the height of the mountain and add horizontal cardboard strips on the mountainsides. Do not forget to add flat areas on your mountains for making roads, rails, or for placing structures. You can create flat areas by flattening the cardboard strips over the newspapers where you wish to add a flat surface.

Step 4

When you create a flat area for railroads along the mountain, make sure that you leave ¼ to ½ inch space on both sides of the rails for the train. If there isn’t enough clearance the trains could derail. The key point is to always ensure your mountain is strong enough to support any extra items (structures, roads, vegetation, track etc.) you might decide to add. You wouldn’t want it collapsing under a heavy weight.

Step 5

The next step is to cover the mountain with plaster cloth. Wet the plaster cloth by soaking it in water; hold it over water until it stops dripping. Place the cloth on the structure that you have built for the mountain, covering the newspaper and the cardboard strips. You can cut the plaster cloth according to your needs before wetting the cloth.

Step 6

Give final shape of the mountain to the damp cloth with the help of a plastic knife. Use the curved side of the knife to roughen up the surface of the plaster cloth to give it a natural look of a rock. Try to add details using the knife and keep flat surfaces where you want to add rails or roads. Keep the model overnight to dry.

Step 7

Once the plaster has dried overnight, you can now paint it according to the mountain type that you are trying to depict. Try to find a colored picture of the mountain range that you want to build to serve as a color guide. Paint the mountain in layers with darker shades at the base moving up to lighter colors. Make sure that you start at the bottom of the structure and then move upwards.

Allow the paint to dry overnight. After the paint has dried you can add grass, vegetation, or any structure that you desire.

Step 8

Remove the plastic sheet that you placed around the model railroad mountain to add connecting roads and rails.

These steps will help you in adding beautiful mountain structures to your train layout to add life in your structure. However, please note this is the traditional method of construction; you should also consider the more modern and increasingly popular method of using sheets of pink or blue insulated foam which you glue together before carving into shape. Have fun making your railroad structures and scenery - an enjoy running your scale trains.




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B429 Restaurant
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B445 Tractor Shed
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B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


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