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A Model Train Station –
One of 5 Most Important Things
to Add Life to a Model Train Layout


model train stations

 Large Train Station B434     Small Train Station B431

Railroad Platforms

By Guest Contributor Paul Henry

Locomotives are said to be the most important element in a model train layout. However, a lonely train running along an oval track is not going to captivate the viewers. To add life to a train layout it is necessary that you add certain elements and details. This article discusses in detail five important things to have with your model railroad layout.

1. Model Train Stations

A train without a train station makes no sense. In the real world trains typically start and end their journey at train stations and likewise model trains need stations to mark the start and end of their journey. Stations are sometimes the place where the trains are parked when they are not moving.

Besides having one large train station on your railroad you can have several small ones in remote areas. If you are trying to depict different scenes in your layout like a mine or a forest then placing a small station building in that area will add depth and realism in the scene that you are creating.

In most cases, adding at least one train station model is absolutely necessary to make your railroad resemble the real world.

2. Landscape

You can add depth and dimensions to your layout by adding a realistic landscape to your model setup. Start with laying down the trackand ballast. Then you can start designing the landscape around the tracks.

Instead of a flat track, try using a circle or an oval track, and maybe include some sidings where trains pass each other, or load and unload goods, or change wagons and locomotives. You can do a lot with your railroad to keep your viewers interested in your setup.

Adding a mountain in the middle of the layout and watch the train disappear behind it and then reappear is often a good technique to keep the viewers interested in the activities on your layout.

3. Model Railroad Buildings

Apart from the trains and train stations; having buildings in your layout is also very important. This will add a lot to the depth of realism that you are trying to capture in your scale railroad.

The building kits you add in you train layout should be according to the scene that you are trying to depict. For instance if you show a city in your layout then you can add skyscrapers, but if the train is in a remote place then adding a farm or a log cabin kit will make it look more real.

If you want to capture a scene from the past then make sure that you add the weathering effects on the structures that you add in your railroad. This will help age them and make them look as if they have been there for a long time exposed to the elements.

Buy model train buildings from this website and you'll discover the difficult weathering is actually pre-done for you. Many of the structures include cracks, flaky and peeling paitwork, scratches, rust marks, mold stains etc. to add to the realism. The model railroad kits are easily downloaded ready for printing using a home computer.

4. Model People and Animals

Adding people in your train layout is absolutely necessary because wherever there are trains there will usually be animals or people in the area. When you add people or animals in your layout make sure that they are part of a scene and not just randomly placed around. You can buy model kits with groups of people or animals. Here are some ideas that you can use to add people in your railroad:

• A boy finding his dog around the train track.
• People waiting to get on the train.
• Families seeing off their loved ones at the model train station.
• A man and a women taking stroll in the station.
• People putting luggage on the train.
• A sports ground with players.
• A street scene with pedestrians.
• A fire scene with firemen and onlookers.

5. Lighting and Signs

No railroad model is complete without the addition of the minor details such as stop lights, signs, and intersections. These things not only make your layout look real, but they also make it a lot more interesting.

Add these elements in your layout and watch it come to life in front of your eyes. It will not only mesmerize you but it will also captivate the viewers of your railroad.

series 1 - model railroad buildings  

series2 - model railway buildings

Buildings and train structures

model railroad engine shed

Engine Shed

model shop

Model Shop

bus shelter model

Bus Shelter Model

grain barn silo model

Barn Grain Silo Model

Restaurant model building

Restaurant Model Building

Factory Model Building

Factory Model Building

model railway depot

Model Railroad Depot

model train station

Model Railway Station

low relief building

Low Relief Building

telegraph office

Telegraph Office

Train stations are many and varied in the real world. Some are fully automated with automatic ticket machines. Others have ticket offices where passengers can buy train tickets for their journey. Some railway stations include fully enclosed waiting rooms, lost and found offices, a left luggage office, arrival and departure boards, toilets etc. Some stations have taxi ranks, or bus stops located outside.


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B421 Cabin
B530 Silos
B423 Church
B424 Office Building
B425 House
B426 Barn Grain Silo
B427 Shop
B428 Grain Elevator
B429 Restaurant
B430 Containers
B431 Small Train Station
B432 Signal Box
B433 Waiting Shelter
B434 Railway Station
B435 Engine Shed
B436 Engine Shed
B437 Engine Shed
B438 Crossing Shanty
B439 Telegraph Office
B440 Railway Goods Depot
B441 Station Platform
B443 Factory Farm Building
B444 Barn and WC
B445 Tractor Shed
B508 Wild West Town
B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


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Low Relief Buildings

B446 Low Relief City Buildings

B459 Low Relief Industrial

B473 Low Relief Houses

B474 Low Relief Terrace Houses

B482 Low Relief Terrace Shops

B489 Low Relief Rail Yards

B546 Low Relief Rail Yards

B496 Low Relief Shops

Extendable Buildings

Tall Warehouse Buildings


93 model railroad buildings

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tall scale model warehouses - low relief structures

free card building

 model train signs





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