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Ideas for Model Train Structures

If you have been looking for ideas for your railroad, then you have come to the right place. Creating your very own railroad is a thrilling experience. You get to use your creativity to its maximum and also experiment with lots of techniques. The sense of having built your very own train set is an achievement you will never be able to forget. You can set it up in your sitting room or gift it to one of your loved ones. You can even sell the structure at a funfair, train show, or some sale.

So, how do you go about filling the details like scenery and model train structures? Well, here are some ideas for you:


Constructing roads in a model railroad is neither too difficult nor expensive. What you can do is take some tacky glue and put a thick amount on the place you want your road to be. Before it gets dried, collect some fine sawdust and sprinkle it on top of the glue. Make sure you cover all the glue so that it looks like a road. Immediately after you have covered the glue with sawdust, take a small plastic toy car and run it back and forth on your road. This will create realistic looking tire tracks. Leave the glue road overnight to dry. Once it has dried, paint and seal the road.


If you want to show some pipes or downspouts in your buildings, or along the roads, buy lots of florists’ wire. This is very soft and you can easily fold it in any shape you want. The wire is available in various thicknesses, so you can buy whichever you like according to your scale size. Just make sure you insert the ends in such a way that they are not sticking out. It might prick someone’s finger!

Billboard Signs

When creating billboard signs, use real business cars. You can cut them up if you have a small scale, otherwise, put them on the board as it is. If you have two similar cards lying around, what you can do is use one for the billboard and cut up the other for the actual sign board on the business shop. You can even insert an LED light on top of the board to create a lifelike structure.

Ivy Parks

If you want to create a more lifelike park, all you have to do is add some ivy to it. Gather lost of ivy from your garden and cut it up. Then insert some zigzag lines of glue in your park and sprinkle that ivy on top. If you feel that the ivy is too thin, you can wait for the glue to dry and repeat the process. You can even sprinkle some ivy on roads or around your train tracks. 

Make a Story

To make your railroad railroad look realistic, try creating or depicting a story. For example, don’t have random people figures standing around, instead show their story. You can show a dad taking his kids to school, a nurse leaving for work, or maybe even some policeman standing round a corner of the street in your model railroad. This will make the entire thing look real, instead of some artificial scene.

The main point is to have lots of fun while you enjoy making train structures and scenery. Best of luck with your railroad layout!

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fiddle yard buildings 

You can buy model railway buildings direct from this website. When you have a close look you'll see the brickwork, concrete, wood and steel finishing on these print out buildings is so real they look like they are from a real life size scene. They don't look like plastic kits, they don't look shiny and new, and they don't require painting or weathering.

These printable railroad buildings can be downloaded almost instantly to your computer or saved on a disk or USB stick. These designs are NOT available in hobby supply stores, so it's almost like having your own custom railroad buildings you won't see everywhere else.

They are not laser cut model railroad buildings, but the plans are incredibly realistic and super strong when glued onto cardstock or foam board... and most are priced under $10. You won't need much in the way of tools or supplies to assemble these model railroad kits. The assembly process is very straighforward and enjoyable.

railway signal box

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Railroad Silos

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General Store

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Shop and Offices





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B433 Waiting Shelter
B434 Railway Station
B435 Engine Shed
B436 Engine Shed
B437 Engine Shed
B438 Crossing Shanty
B439 Telegraph Office
B440 Railway Goods Depot
B441 Station Platform
B443 Factory Farm Building
B444 Barn and WC
B445 Tractor Shed
B508 Wild West Town
B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


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Low Relief Buildings

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B474 Low Relief Terrace Houses

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B546 Low Relief Rail Yards

B496 Low Relief Shops

Extendable Buildings

Tall Warehouse Buildings


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