Model Railroad Buildings


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best cardstock paper model buildings buy $149 bulk pack

Ideal for HO scale, N scale, Z scale, OO gauge, and S scale layouts!

This is the best buy in HIGH QUALITY downloadable model buildings you'll find anywhere. Each building is carefully detailed to a photo-realistic quality complete with intricate signs of weathering and aging... just like you'd see up close on a real full-sized building of a similar age. So the weathering is already completed for you, and there's no need to buy paints either.

To construct the buildings you firstly download the designs to your computer so they are ready for printing either at home or at a local Fast Copy store. The PDF files are easily saved on a removable USB memory stick and you can print out several copies of each building if you choose to (without needing to buy a second download). The only stipulation is that extra copies of these model buildings must be for yourself and not for sale, trade, or given away to anyone else. That would be a breach of the copyright.

Modelers have their own preferences as to how they construct these buildings. Many decide on cardboard (like old cereal packs) and glue the designs directly onto the card. For the "low-relief" background buildings (3 sides and a roof) most prefer using CORFLUTE SHEET, because it is strong, lightweight, and incredibly cheap to buy at a DIY store. If you haven't heard of CORFLUTE, it is the material those plastic realty signs are made from. A big sheet goes a long way!

Some modelers like to use foam board instead, so what you use comes down to your personal preference. If you want to add addition strength inside the models, you just glue on some extra pieces of card or CORFLUTE inside the building.

After purchasing, you will be instantly directed to a download page where you can access the designs as PDF files. Simply save them to your computer, so they'll be there whenever you need them.

adjust to model railroad scales

These $87, $97, and $149 bulk package deals are definitely the cheapest way to purchase model buildings. You will be impressed with the high quality of the intricate detailing and weathering, and how sturdy they become when constructed. The designs come with a manual explaining some construction tips and techniques to get the most from these models.

All products have a 60 day money back guarantee.