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1. B424 - Office Building - $9.95
2. B421 - Small Cabin - $4.50
3. B429 - Restaurant - $7.50
4. B434 - Train Station - $9.95

Worth $31.45

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B424 Office Building Model


B424 Plan of a model Office Building. Based on an actual building 62 ft L x 22.5 ft W x 37 ft H.

This office build would look perfect in a cityscape on any railroad. You could even cut it in half lengthwise or widthwise to may a low relief building. Download once and print any number for you to use. The office building would good alongside the the restaurant model (B429) seen above in the special offer.

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When you look at the above drawing of this office building kit, it's almost so real you could reach out and touch it. It is hard to believe it is a scaled down model building. You simply download the kit(s) in common PDF format to print-out on paper using the home computer and printer.

After downloading you'll see for yourself, how incredibily realistic each railroad building is. Apart from the scaled down size, it's almost like looking at the real thing!

And, these print-out kits are fun and very easy to construct. You simply glue the plan onto the rear of an old cereal pack, cut each piece out before gluing the pieces together. Really easy and very real looking.

You can even print each kit out multiple times. The only restriction is you can't give copies away (that is in breach of copyright laws), or trade, or sell copies to others. The model building needs to be used by yourself.

Each of the model railway buildings featured on this website is in OO scale ... so you only have to adjust your printer to the scale of your railroad layout:

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These model railway building plans are all delivered by download in the commonly used PDF format. You can keep the plan(s) on your computer for printing out when anytime.


To get this scale model office building for your railroad, simply choose from option number 1 or option number 2 above, and you can get the print-out files delivered on your computer almost immediately.

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Happy railroading!