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These OO designs can easily be resized by reducing the print percentage as follows: 


scale for printing



These card kits download to PDF for easy printing. To open a PDF file you need Adobe Reader on your computer. The software is free to download from:


These printable kits have been designed to fit onto A4 (210x297mm) paper. It is best to use a quality matt photo paper (90 -120 gsm) when using an inkjet printer. Quality copier paper is ideal if you intend using a laser printer. Heavier weight paper is not so flexible and can be difficult to bend, so lighter weight paper is usually the best.


Most home printers let you adjust the Custom Scale.



set printer


Most printers allow you to select the printing quality (using the Properties option). You could print a test copy using a low quality fast print setting. When printing out a final copy select the highest quality (or ‘dpi’) setting as this will give you are better quality result. Higher quality printing is usually slower and uses more ink, so only use it for printing a final copy. 



These files are in OO scale and can easily be scaled to HO, S, Z, or N scale. Firstly, make sure you UNCHECK the ‘Fit to page’ printing option because failure to do this could mean sheets get printed in the wrong scale. 

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B431 Small Train Station model building

Multi Pack - Special Buys

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low relief buildings

"Low Relief" Buildings - Pack B
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