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rail-yard-structures-special 1. B431 | Railroad station .. $8.50
2. B419 | Railroad Shed .. $3.80
3. B422 | Silos .. $12.95
4. B436 | Engine Shed .. $9.95

Value $35.20

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railway shed model

B419 >>> Railway Shed


B419 Railway shed (with many uses).

This scale shed would look real in the back yard of house, or near to a railroad track. Position it on a railroad layout with the train station (B431) seen ABOVE in the money-off offer.


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This scale railway shed is a very versatile little building. It would look equally good in someones backyard, as a workshop on a farm, next to an industrial warehouse, on the wharf at a port, or alongside a railroad track - the uses are many and varied. You could actually position 2 or 3 around a layout without them looking out of place.

You are allowed to print not just one, but several (for your individual/personal use) without paying extra money or breaching international copyrights. Simply follow the simple instructions to download the PDF file of the plan to your computer, then print it out, glue each part onto cardboard before gluing each part together. This model railroad shed is already weathered to make it look old and well used, however you can add your own unique creativity if you wish.

How To Scale These Model Railroad Buildings

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To download (it takes less than 5 minutes) simply click to order one of the two options listed above. With option #2 you get an extra special deal which includes the railway shed, a large engine shed, a small train station, and some silos (which will look great on any model railroad layout!)

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