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1. B420.. Railway hut $4.50
2. B423.. Church $7.97
3. B425.. Residential House $8.97
4. B427.. General Store / Shop $7.90
5. B434.. Little Shelters (two) $4.90

Total Value is $34.24

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model railroad shed scales

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 railway shed

B420 Railroad Workers Shed

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B420 Railway shed (yard shed). This is based around a life-size shed 15 ft L x 10.8 ft W x 13 ft H.

This small shed would look perfect in a backyard or maybe alongside a the track as a workers hut. It would look equally at home next to the church (model B423) as featured in the discount offer above.


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If you have a model railroad setup you'll find this scaled down railway shed amazingly realistic and it will look really at home when your model trains roll by. These scale model buildings are lots of fun and surprisingly easy-to-construct. Also, you may print multiple copies of the model kit.

Each one of these plans has a page of diagramtic instructions to make construction easy. The model buildings are carefully weathered to provide charm, along with plenty of character and true realism to the model railroad scene... however that is not to say you can't include your own finishing details (weathering) if you choose to.

Scale them with ease: All these model building construction plans are in 'OO scale' making it quick to adjust them for other scales:

  • To make 'OO scale' print to actual sizing
  • For HO reduce your print settings down to 87% 
  • S - enlarge the print to 118% 
  • To make in N scale reduce the print settings to 48% 
  • Z scale you reduce print setting to 35%

You get these model building kit plans by download (almost instantly) in the common PDF file format which you can save to a folder on your own computer ready for printing out at any time you want a copy. If you have a large railroad layout, you can make as many of each building as you want, but to keep with the copyright laws you cannot give the prints or files away. You can't on-sell or trade them.

This model shed building (and all others) comes with a money-back 60 day guarantee.


Have fun with your railroading and constructing your scale railway shed!