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railway-yard-structures-special 1. B-431. Train station | $8.50
2. B-419. Railroad Shed | $3.80
3. B-422. Steel Silos | $12.95             4. B-436. Engine Shed | $9.95

Total $35.20

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B431 Railway Station


B431 Small Town Railway Station. This is modeled on a full size station building 31ft L x 15ft W x 17.5ft H

This small country train station would sit nicely on a model railroad branchline. Get it in the package deal and save 37% today.


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Every model railroad has scenery and structures and almost always has a railway station for passenger trains to pull up to so passengers can on and off. Train stations vary in size depending on their location and can be anything from a terminus (or terminal) station, to a through station (where local trains stop for passengers and express trains and freight trains pass through without stopping). A railroad station can take many forms and can service passengers only, freight only, or service both freight and passenger traffic.


This train station is the kind of structure you might see on a small branch line; or on a mainline (without the trains stopping). It has a window where passengers can purchase a train ticket when the station is manned.

To assemble this model, all you do is download the PDF plan file, print the file out using your home printer, glue it onto some old cardboard, and glue it together. It is really that easy!

This railroad station looks like it has seen better days... and that's why it looks so realistic. You won't have to work on any additional weathering to the building... unless you choose to.

The PDF kit comes with simplified drawings showing you the correct position for each part. You can't go wrong.

Print the PDF plan on your computer and adjust your PDF printer settings if required:

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After ordering your model building(s) you'll get access to download the PDF file alost immediately. You can print the PDF over and over again if you choose for your own personal/private/non commercial usage, but copyright laws say you can't give the PDF or printouts away, tradethem, or sell them.


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