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1. B-424 4-Storey Building ($9.95)
2. B-421 Workers Cabin ($4.50)
3. B-429 A Restaurant ($7.50)
4. B-434 Railroad Station ($9.95)

Regular Price $31.45

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B429 Restaurant Model


B429 Restaurant. Real building would be 24.5ft L x 24.5ft wide x 32ft H.

Perfect for model railroads or a city scene diorama. This two level building would look amazing alongside the office building model (B424) featured above in the multi-pack bargain offer.

 Restarant kit $7.50

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This scale model building has a restaurant sign hanging from the second floor corner, but you could easily change the word restaurant to other signage to match your layout theme. The important thing is this model is a two storey building that can be made to any scale - HO-scale, OO-scale, N-scale. You just download the plan and then print the building plan on your desktop printer. Adjust the printer settings to 87% of actual size if you operate HO trains and want the building scaled to HO size. OO scale is 100% so you don't need to alter the printer at all. If you operate N scale trains, you will want to alter the print settings to 48% actual size. For Z scale trains you just set the print settings to 35%.

The model building plans on this website are available as a download instantly to your laptop or computer. Each file is a simple PDF file so they're easy to download and print on paper (which you then glue to card) for assembly.

You are able to printout as many copies you want to (without infringing the copyright laws or paying an extra download fee), as long as the copies are genuinely for your own personal use.

Right now you can grab the special deal above and get the model railway station, the office building, and the little cabin as well as the restaurant building.

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