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1. B.420 Hut or Shed : $4.50
2. B.423 Old Church : $7.97
3. B.425 Home : $8.97
4. B.427 Red Shop : $7.90
5. B.434 Two Shelters : $4.90

All Up $34.24

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B427 Model Shop (General Store).


B427 Model Shop. Modeled on a real building 30ft L x 17ft W x 30ft H. (approx.)

Make this model shop which comes with 3 store signs. It would be fantastic in a scene set alongside the church (code B423), and the house (code B425) or even with the small shed (code B420)... all featured in the discounted multi-buy offer (see above).


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This scale model of a small-town Shop or General Store has a lot of charm and character features. The woodwork on the building certainly looks like it hasn't seen a coat of paint for several years ... and that is what most modelers want to see. If you are like other serious modelers, you won't be wanting to see models that look completely shiny and new just as though they have just come out of a store or off the assembly line. This printout plan has been carefully detailed and weathered to make the model shop look very natural and real. You can, of course, still do your own detailing or weathering techniques if so choose.

This kit is available to you by direct download [PDF] to your computer. You only need to save the file on your laptop / computer for printing when you are ready. If you desire more than one copy, you just print it out twice (no need to pay for a second download).


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