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1. B431 Train station model $8.50
2. B419 Railway Shed $3.80
3. B422 Silos (two) $12.95                 4. B436 Big Engine/Loco Shed $9.95

Reg. $35.20

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B422 Model Silos


B422 Model Silos ideal for alongside the track on a model railroad.

Download once and print out as many copies as you like. Would be first-rate alongside the railway shed model (B419) displayed good deal above.


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Most model railroads include a factory, a barn, and a few silos to add character to the landscape. Silos or tanks can be used to store a variety of substances, grains, or liquids ready for transportation by rail or road. These model railroad silos are available to you as a PDF file which you download and print using your home PC.

You'll be surprised how realistic these silos are with rust streaks running down the metal. The model can be printed and assembled for an OO gauge, HO scale, or N scale layout. You just glue the plans directly onto the back of some spare cardboard (a cereal pack works well) and cut out the design, then glue it together. It is fun and really easy to construct... you can even add your own creative ideas by constructing the railing onlong the walkway out of scrap wire or whatever material you choose. Definitely easy and fun!

After downloading you can print the kit out as many times as you choose with having to pay for another download. Each silo kit comes complete with numbered drawings pointing out where each part fits in place.

If you choose to change the scale sizing, that's very easy too:

  • If you have an OO scale layout then the PD is exactly the right size 
  • If your layout is HO scale - you might want to reduce the print to 87%
  • In S scale you can enlarge it to 118% remembering that if the building is positioned towards the rear of the layout, you might actually want it smaller than the actual scale you are working with
  • If your train set is Z scale then reduce it to 35% actual size
  • In N scale the print can come down to 48%

To purchase the silo kit click the green order tab above... and you can have the building plan(s) delivered within just 5-10 minutes to your PC.

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