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1. B437 -- Engine Shed $9.95
2. B439 -- Telegraph Office with a Telephone Booth $6.50
3. B440 -- Goods Freight Depot $9.95

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model railroad telegraph office 

B439 Telegraph Office and Phone Booth


B439 Model railroad telegraph office and phone booth.

It's easy to make this telegraph office in the scale of your choice - HO scale - OO scale - N scale. Simply download and print the kit. It is already realistically weathered so will look really natural on any model railroad layout. View the budget price deal above.

 $6.50 model railroad

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In many smaller towns the local railroad station served not just as a train station, but also as the local public telegraph office. This happened when there was insufficient telegraph business to financially support the viability of a stand alone telegraph office. Some early railroads (B & O was one) ran their own telegraph business for the public. Other railroads had various contract arrangements with telegraph companies (typically Western Union), for interconnection of circuits, the use of rights of way, and also providing public telegraph services at railroad stations.

This model (B439) includes a phone booth and telegraph office to go close by a railroad or train station. You simply make the model after downloading and gluing together the various parts (which you glue on some old cardboard). The plan comes to you are a downloadable PDF file, so it is easy to print using a desk printer. If you have OO scale model trains you print the PDF to actual size. If you operate, HO scale trains, N scale trains, or Z scale model trains - you adust your printer settings like this:

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The telegraph office building looks extremely real as it has been weathered to make it look old and dirty.

Get the special package above and you'll also get a locomotive shed, and freight depot, as well as the phone booth and telegraph office buildings.

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