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1- B.420 Railway shed (or yard shed) $4.50
2 - B.423 A Church $7.97
3 - B.425 House - white $8.97
4 - B.427 A General Store $7.90
5 - B.434 Two Waiting Shelters $4.90

Total $34.24

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B433 Model Railroad Bus Shelters

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These shelters would make ideal bus stops or waiting shelters at small train stations. You get two kits (one pale green and the other pale gray color. You can print several. These shelters would look great on a model railroad accompanied by the shop (B427), Church (B423), or the little railway shed (B420) featured in the option #2 special offer (see below).

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These little scale model waiting shelters could be used as bus stops, or as shelters on a rural railroad station. They are slightly different in color to give you some variety, and you can print out more than one copy of the PDF plan if you want (for your own private use). So, if you need 4 or 5 bus stops or waiting shelters on your model railroad setup, you won't need to pay for a second download.

These waiting shelters are pre-weathered to add realism and they definitely a little grubby as though they have had plenty of passengers waiting inside them. You can use a small piece of clear plastic to add a window if you want to improve the realism even more.

Like all the other model railroad buildings on this website, the plans for these waiting shelters are in OO scale. Resizing them for an HO layout, or N scale layout is really easy:

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The model buildings on this website are delivered direct to your computer by download (almost instantly) using the very common PDF format. You can then save the PDF file(s) to your computer for whenever you want to printout a copy.


Choose from option No. 1, or option No. 2 above to get your model railroad building (s) delivered within about 4 minutes via download.

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