Make Two Scale Model Churches, Bus Shelters, a Replica
Restaurant Building, City Office Structure, and a Corner Store.
Suitable for N, OO, or HO Scale Railways...



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The plans for scratchbuilding these PDF model railroad buildings are only available here at online train store.

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The special pack buy featured at the top of this web page includes two model churches, an office building model, two bus shelters, a restaurant scale model, and a general store. Plans for those model buildings can all be downloaded here for a saving of 64% below the regular retail price. Below half price for this pack deal of downloaded paper models including two model churches.

Looking for N scale churches or HO scale churches? The tall church and tower is perfect for model railways in HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale sizes. You’ll actually find these wonderfully realistic scale model churches are enjoyable to make and extremely easy to make… and the wonderful part is; these and other printout kits can be printed a second time to make another building or church. Use your printer to print many copies if you want.

Each of these paper model churches has carefully numbered diagrams showing you where each of the parts fits together. You simply adhere the parts onto some card-stock or the back of an used cereal packet before gluing the parts together by following the plan. What could be simpler than that? Your model churches will look incredible and ready for the congregation to arrive. After downloading you can use the printable plans for constructing ho scale churches, or n scale churches to enhance your model railroad.

Each of the church models is nicely weathered/detailed to add truly realistic character to your railroad layout landscape… but, if you prefer, you may add your own style of finishing touches.

You’ll enjoy constructing these n scale churches, and ho scale churches. They will look wonderfully realistic when you include a gathering of the congregation ready for the priest or pastor to give a sermon.

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Download Plans For Making N scale and HO Scale Churches Using Paper and Cardboard

The Techniques For Creating N Gauge Railroad Buildings

By Guest Tony Nielson

As you are designing and setting up you N Gauge train layout don’t forget about creating N Gauge buildings to go on it. Model railroading is a hobby anyone can enjoy and the N gauge trains are great for those who do not have that much space for their layout or just like the smaller trains.

Your N gauge train layout will certainly not be complete without buildings, churches and other structures in place. After all, a train only has value in respect to its relationship to people and the other structures including model churches that people build and visit. So your layout needs buildings, shops, warehouses, maybe a school house, railway station, and scale model churches.

Certainly you can purchase any type of buildings you want right off the shelf, however many model train enthusiasts prefer to make their own buildings and model churches. This will take time, practice and patience but it is certainly worth it and it is its own reward. When you make your own scale model churches, warehouses, shops, houses and buildings, you can personalize them and make them be anything you want them to be. You cannot do this easily with off the shelf plastic model buildings.

It is also a lot cheaper to make your own buildings as well as controlling the way your landscape looks. One method is to use downloadable buildings you print and assemble. They typically are very realistic in appearance and don’t require further weathering.

Another option is to scratch build your own structures and scale model churches. You will need some wood, corkboard, metal sheets, glue and paint. You could also get a pattern book for train or miniature buildings. Just be sure you get N Gauge size patterns. One of the major advantages of the N gauge is you can make very large scenes in a very small space. Instead of one or two buildings, you can make a whole town. However, do realize you’ll need to be reasonably proficient at using weathering techniques if you are constructing your own from scratch, and after you have paid for the materials, paints etc. they will work out more expensive than paper PDF buildings you can download.

Constructing a whole town will take some practice though. So let’s just start with one small building first. When you make your own buildings you can have as much or as minimum amount of detail as you like. Start with deciding what your scene will be and what buildings you want and begin with the easiest design. Do you want your model railroad to have some HO scale, OO, or N scale stores, factories, houses, rail yard buildings, silos, stacked shipping containers, wild west buildings, or perhaps scale models of ho scale churches, or maybe n gauge churches if you are modeling to a smaller scale.

Now find an image of the building that you want. There are many designs on line and some will be to N gauge scale. If they are not you can then draw them to scale. Use 1 scale inch equals 13’4” of actual size. Draw the surface shape of the building as your template. Make sure to include all the details you will want to include. You might even make notes on colors or signage.

Now visit a hobby or craft store and pick up some styrene that can be formed to look like many types of building materials like concrete, brick, shingles or even stucco. You will also want to pick up some wood perhaps balsa, card-stock, foam core sheets, files, straight edge razor, small sheets of metal and paint. Using these materials you will be able to construct walls, roofs, windows, awnings, and more.

Now copy your design template onto the styrene and then cut out your walls, and rooftop. Create shingles for the roof from the clap board. Sand all the edges and smooth them all. Use craft glue and plastic glue to hold your building together. Use small lightweight clamps to hold it together until the glue dries.

Once the building is dry add the windows, awnings and any other details that you want. The more details you have the better your building will look. Larger or multi-storied buildings will need more details than the smaller buildings will in order to get the most realistic building as possible. If you want to make your building brick faced you can cut lines into the building material and paint it red.

When painting your buildings to get the most realistic appearance first paint them with a coat of primer using white acrylic paint. Wait at least a couple of hours for the primer to dry. Now apply the color that matches the real building either from your own knowledge or pictures you have found. Again use acrylic paints. If your building is multi-colored wait for each color coat to dry before applying the next one.

Now you will want weather the building with a diluted gray or brown to add to the authenticity. Allow your basic colors to dry overnight before you attempt to do this weathering. Now let your weathering to dry overnight and apply a final coat of clear acrylic.

Congratulations! You have constructed your first of many N Gauge buildings. However, don’t get too excited because there is actually an easier method for constructing scale model buildings. Instead of scratch-building everything, it is easier to download paper plans than include highly detailed textures in color. Plans for such paper models come in a range of designs including plans for making model houses, shops, industrial buildings, and even scale model churches. They are inexpensive to download and print, and they look stunning on model railroads.

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