Download Plans, and Build these Miniature Model Replica
10ft and 20ft Shipping Containers. Easily Constructed to

make miniature scale shipping container models 10ft 20ft



Shipping Containers Pack Deal B


40 highly detailed “unique” intermodal shipping container designs. Stack ’em alongside tracks or on trains.

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This website has paper plans for making 40 different designs of cardboard HO scale shipping containers, and N scale shipping containers quintessential for modeling intermodal scenes in scaled down sizing. The HO and N scale shipping containers get downloaded as paper plans (PDF) and can be constructed with glue and cardstock (cardboard from cornflakes boxes). The designs are especially real-looking complete with shipping company logos, dirt, grime, scratches, and in some cases refrigeration motors are pictured at the end of the intermodal containers. They appear remarkably real in appearance, yet are scaled-down versions of their full-sized counterparts.

At the top of this page is one such package deal where plans for 20 model containers can be bought for below half price to make either N scale shipping containers, or the bigger HO scale shipping containers for model railroads. This pack includes designs for paper models of 6 x 20 ft plain containers (one has graffiti), 6 x 10 ft containers, and 8 x 20ft containers with logos. That’s 20 intermodal containers in the pack for below half price. The plans can be downloaded and printed using an ordinary printer.

Although these HO scale and N scale shipping containers are scaled-down replicas of real full-size containers they still look wonderfully true to life.

In the real world shipping containers transport a very large percentage of the cargo and goods that we use and need for daily life. Shipping containers and globalization go hand in hand, because shipping containers have become essential for not only transporting goods economically and safely across the world, but also they are widely used for transporting goods by road and rail across numerous countries worldwide. They are also used for storage, and even house construction, so for the model railroader, HO scale shipping containers can be used in multiple ways to service a model railroad or just add authentically to a model railroad scene.

Download Half Price Plans For Making 40 x N scale and HO Scale Shipping Containers for Model Railroads.

Interesting facts about shipping containers:

> Around 95% of the global cargo is transported by ship
> Shipping containers typically have a life span of up to 20 years or even longer
> 97% of all shipping containers are manufactured in China
> The largest container vessels can transport around 15,000 to 18,000 average sized shipping containers
> Lined up end on end the containers would stretch approximately halfway around the planet, if containers from the largest container freight ship in the world were unloaded you would have the equivalent of a train stretching 71 km (44 miles) long.
> Approx. 50% of all the containers in use are owned by the shipping lines
> The remaining 50% (approx.) are leased (1 to 10 years)
> Each and every shipping container in service has a unique ID number enabling it to be accurately tracked around in the globe while in use
> It is believed some 2,000 to 10,000 shipping containers fall overboard at sea each year
> Because a ship can transport so many containers, it results in less greenhouse gas emissions than if the same goods cargo’s were transported by road, railroad or by air. Transporting a container across the globe via ship can emit less emissions than actually transporting it from the port to its end destination.

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