4 “Cleverly Designed” Extendable Model Buildings
To Add Realism & Interest To Your
Model Railroad Background & Backdrop Scenery

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Rail Yard Warehouses Pack Deal


Imagine these clever “extendable” rail yard warehouse structures behind your track on your train layout.

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Take a close look at the white scale model railroad structures featured in the discounted pack shown at the top of this page. These white buildings can actually be mix ‘n matched into a variety of configurations to suit the rail yard back scene. The white building on the left can be joined to the white building on the left, or to one of two white buildings in between, so these white model buildings can be assembled and positioned how you want. Clever! You need only purchase one copy of these scale model rail yard buildings to achieve an amazing extended rail yard back scene. All the model buildings for sale are available to OO / HO scale and to N scale. OO plans can be scaled to 87 percent for HO scale and the printing clarity is unchanged.

As a guide the approximate dimensions for the B546 tall building with the logo in OO scale is 6.7 inches (170mm) tall x 5.9 inches (150mm) wide x 2.95 inches (75mm) deep. In real life-size terms that is 42ft tall x 37ft wide x 18ft deep. The frontage with the blue door in OO scale is 5.9 inches (150mm) wide which equates to approx. 37ft in real size. There is a scale conversion tool on this website to easily convert the measurements to other scales.

Railway yards are usually an exciting addition to a model railway, because they involve plenty of activity (train movements) and lead to plenty of operational fun, and some frustration at times too. However, that said, rail yards are generally a welcome addition on a railroad and are something your visitors will enjoy watching.

Rail yards typically comprise of several tracks so finding enough room to lay the track can pose problems. It is usually a shame to overly restrict the number of tracks and the length of each track, because that can cause operational problems. Scale model railroad structures can also reduce the space available for operating trains, that is, unless they are wisely positioned and full use is made of “low relief” scale model railroad structures like is featured above.

Rail cars need to be easily transfered from one train to another with having to physically lift them off the track to couple them up to another train. That would defeat the purpose of operating model trains in a realistic fashion like real railroads do.

A better solution to gain more track space and have longer tracks is to minimise the space used up by scale model railroad structures. The easiest and smartest way is to incorporate low relief model railroad structures that fit against the backdrop giving the illusion they stretch to full depth (when actually they are only a few inches deep).

Rail yard structures (like those seen in these download paper plans) will give the appearance of stretching full depth whilst still retaining an exceptionally realistic look. The scale model railroad structures in low relief, won’t use up anywhere near the space required for regular 3D style buildings. As most veteran model railroaders will have discovered; rail yard background scenery needs to provide the illusion of a scene being far larger and busier than it is in reality.

The whole process is easy. All you do is print the design(s) out on your home printer before gluing them to plastic corflute (you can also use foam sheets, or cardboard). My preference is to use corflute, because it so cheap to buy in a giant sheets (DIY stores have it), and it is “as strong as a gorilla.” I paid around 5 bucks for a large 3ft (900mm) x 2ft (600mm) sheet. The store sold larger sheets too.

Follow the drawings that are supplied with the downloaded paper plans … you’ll find them extremely straightforward to understand. Plus customers even get more detailed step by step manual at no extra cost (just in case you need extra guidance or more ideas). By constructing these rail yard structures you will develop into a “master of scenic backgrounds”, because your scale model railroad structures will look so so real!

To add the final finishing touches you can easily make steps, chimney stacks, or platform supports from scraps of balsa wood or plastic.



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Whether your scale is 1/12 for dollhouses, 1/24 for dioramas, or 1/160 for N scale model railroads, we often need grass or weeds for ground cover. This will be a no cost, or low cost, project, depending what you may find around the house. The quantities for this trial are small, but may be increased if more is required.

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