The Low Cost, Fun Way To Quickly & Easily Make Your Own “Amazingly Realistic” Model Railroad Houses, Structures & HO Scale Buildings, OO Gauge, or N Scale Buildings!

Ready To Download, Print, and Build!

Download, print, and build “wonderfully realistic” 3D scale model buildings for railroad layouts, dioramas, and craft projects.

300+ “Uniquely Designed” Printable Plans

These PDF plans are easy to download, and you’ll find the structures inexpensive to build, very strong when constructed, and wonderfully realistic. When assembled, position the model buildings on your N scale, OO gauge, or HO scale railroad, or use them to add character and authenticity to a diorama scene.

Build your own “very real” replica scale railroad buildings, model houses, shops, silos, factories, old wild west town and mining structures, etc. Perfect for railway train layouts.

Download Once – Print Many Times
AT LAST! You Can Create Your Own High-Quality, True-To-Life,
Long-Lasting Model Buildings
You Can Be Proud Of Displaying…
Without Wasting Money on Complicated, Difficult, or Expensive Builds.

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Construction is easy (and fun) using paper, cardboard, foamboard, or corflute. You can even use painted balsa for posts, and chimneys. These model building plans are very adaptable and construction is only limited by your imagination. You’ll also find several helpful step by step tutorials and videos on this website; and, as a customer, you’ll also get access to a free printing and assembly guide in your “My Account” dashboard. You’re also able to print out several copies for you own personal/private use if you want to make duplicate models, or extend structures.

These Plans Are The Perfect Solution For Making Your Own
High-Quality, Super-Realistic, Super-Sturdy Structures
(Even If You Have Never Downloaded, Printed, And Constructed Your Own Model Buildings Before)

Wonderfully Realistic and Super Strong When Constructed

These printable kits will add amazing realism to a diorama or railroading scene, and yet they are very inexpensive and easy to construct. You simply choose a PDF plan from the wide selection for sale on this website, download it to your computer, then print it out (on A4 paper), glue it onto some cardstock (old cereal boxes are perfect), fold and glue it together.

Corflute is ideal for structures set against backdrops. It is very sturdy and inexpensive to buy from a DIY, discount, or hobby supply store.

Construction is fun and easy (no painting required) – you could construct a whole miniature railway town scene for less than the cost of a couple of plastic kits!

Watch how easy it is to assemble OO gauge, HO scale, or N scale model railroad buildings.
All plans are in simple PDF format for quick download directly to your computer.


The free video tutorials on this website show you how… even if you have never downloaded, printed, and built your own railroad structures before!

These model railroad building plans can be purchased in either OO gauge or N scale sizes.

If Your Railway is OO, HO or S Scale…

If you work in HO scale then select the OO gauge option when adding an item (or pack deal) to the Shopping Cart. After downloading the plan(s) you can choose to print and assemble each PDF to the same size, or if you require the structures a little smaller, you simply adjust your printer settings to reduce the printed size.

Many railroaders print the plans same size but, for absolute accuracy HO is 87% of OO gauge, so you just adjust your printer settings accordingly. For S scale simply change your printer settings to 119% of OO.

If Your Railway is N or Z Scale…

You can also buy these downloadable railroad plans in N scale. If your require Z scale, just change your printer settings to reduce the N scale model buildings to 73%.

More Clever Construction Ideas For Amazing Realism…

These designs are quick and easy to download. They are fun to build and incredibly realistic when constructed using card or corflute, and balsa for balconies or posts.

If you want to add extra strength, it is easy to glue some extra cardstock or corflute inside each building after construction. That is optional. Also, you can cut out a door or window to show it partly open, or you can glue another door or window behind the cut out section to provide an added 3D effect. Again that is entirely optional, and shows how you can easily adapt these plans to add your own personal touches. No painting or weathering is required,unless you want to touch up some edges.

Instant Access. Quick & Easy To Download To Your Computer…

After purchase you will be immediately directed to a download page, so there is no waiting, or shipping to pay. You can save the plans directly to your computer for future use. Download once and you can print out as many copies as you want for your own personal private use.

Assembling Background Buildings
Constructing The Church B423
Authentically Detailed and Sturdy – Download, Print, and Build.

The comprehensive range of paper models on this website can be downloaded, printed, and constructed from card or corflute as N scale, OO scale, or HO scale designs. Each full color paper template is convincingly life-like. There’s a range of tall rail yard factories and facilities which are perfect background structures for alongside, or behind, your rail line. Also have a look at some of the designs for clever “extendable” rail yard warehouses to position behind your layout train track. Or, complete your background town or city scene with terraced residential houses / apartments, or miniature replicas of retail stores, each with loads of character.

If you are recreating scenery from US history, then you can make a scaled down, authentically detailed old wild west town. Add cowboys and you have a faithfully replicated western or old mining town scene. Construct a mine chute, sheriffs office and jail, school house, church, miners cabins, blacksmiths, general store, wild west railway station, crossing shanty, stagecoach depot, telegraph office, and saloon to mention some of the available downloadable “old wild west” templates.

If you are into something more modern, then look at the 40 highly detailed “unique” intermodal shipping container designs. Stack ’em alongside train your tracks or directly on the flatcars of your trains.

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Have a good look through this website and you’ll discover the impressive range plans for making N scale buildings, OO gauge, and HO scale buildings including: railway facilities, houses, bungalows, cottages, shops, intermodal shipping containers, old western town structures, mining structures, background and backdrop rail / commercial architecture, bridges, tunnel portals, brick walls, industrial warehouses, churches, school houses, trackside freight depots, train station platforms, rail workshops, factories, loading docks, engine sheds, fire stations, restaurants, railway stations, sheds, signal boxes, terraced houses and shops, industry silos, farm grain elevators, tractor sheds, barns, various types of rail yard architecture, and more.

Download your FREE catalog today and keep it handy alongside your train layout. It features the full range currently available to buy from our online store.

Make Superbly Realistic OO Gauge Size, N Scale,
or HO Scale Buildings For Your Train Layout

These printable templates (plans) feature photo realistic graphics that closely resemble real life structures. Each design is “intricately detailed” with meticulous attention to realistically weathered natural “wear and tear” features common on real life-size houses, barns, factories, walls, bridges, railway facilities, and other everyday landmarks. You’ll be able to create scale model buildings you’ll be absolutely proud of.

Look through the range and you’ll see tunnel portals, walls, bridges – all ideal for HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale railroads. There’s a pedestrian over bridge, naturally weathered retail shops, terraced houses, single and double level house plans, model farm buildings, grain elevators, barn silo, tractor sheds, storage warehouses, industrial rail warehouses and silos, train stations, engine sheds, a signal box, goods depots and various yard architecture for rail scenes, along with a sheriffs office, saloon, mining chute and other paper models for recreating an old wild west town or mining scene. Many of these template designs can be printed out and joined together to extend your railway background scenery. You can add space-saving industries against the backdrop to bring realism and perspective to your scenery and trains.

Plans for these 300 model buildings are also perfect for diorama scenery and available for download direct to your computer. No waiting, and no shipping, postage, or handling to pay. Without doubt; these downloadable designs will make an “awesome” feature to any railroad layout or diorama masterpiece.

These downloadable N scale, HO scale, and OO gauge plans are not suitable for printing to G scale or O scale size.

More Than 300 Printable Paper Model Buildings To Download
and Construct Using Card-stock, or Corflute.

Assembling structures can be an extremely rewarding hobby for model railroaders, craftspeople, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating realistic dioramas. However, this hobby is not just for adults and can be a wonderful activity for children working on school projects, or just looking to develop their creative skills away from computers.

Highly Detailed, Very Realistic, Designs to Download, Print and Construct
to HO Scale, OO Gauge or N Scale Using Cardstock or Corflute

he downloadable PDF templates on this website are particularly popular with railroading enthusiasts. Apart from being considerably cheaper than plastic kits (that can cost over $100 each), the printable paper models are already colored with incredibly photo-realistic weathered textures such as wood, concrete, brickwork, tiles, iron, stucco etc. The designs even feature authentic looking cracks, water stains, rust, peeling paintwork etc., that would be common on most real life-sized architecture. Each of the templates can be downloaded once and then printed out multiple times if desired. The only restriction is that they can only be used for personal private use and not on-sold commercially.

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