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B445 Tractor Shed
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8 Houses & 4 Garages
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6 Yard Buildings
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Model Railroad Houses
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8 Houses & 4 Garages
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 Assembly of the Model Shop B427

6 buildings for a model railroad yard

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model houses

Low Relief Houses
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4 low relief rail yard structures - Details

Building a Model Train Layout -
A Guide for Beginners

Your passion for model trains can range from owning a beginners model train set to designing a large train layout yourself. If you are just a beginner, then starting with smaller layouts is usually the most feasible option. Not only will it give you an idea about the space that you need to build a railroad, but it will also help you assess your ability to design a more complex layout. Starting off at a smaller setup will give you a taste of designing and modeling train layouts and it will also help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure that you start with a simple project. It will save you the hassle of dealing with a lot of the details and complexities involved in a difficult railroad. You can keep on enhancing your skills by adding more details to your setup over time. Building a train layout is not a race, so make sure that you take your time in completing the layout properly. Your aim should be to get it right and not just finishing it off without any attention to the details.

Things to Consider When Building a Train Layout

Following are some things that you need to focus on before you start constructing a model train layout:

Available Space

The most important thing is the available space. Your working space will help you in selecting a scale for your railroad that fits your working space.

Size of the Scale

The next thing is the scale that you choose to use for your trains and for building your railway. There are several different sizes so you can choose a size that is suitable for your needs:

• O scale is one of the largest and is 1/48th of the original size.
• HO is 1/87th of the original and is half of the O scale.
• N scale is one of the smallest scales and its size ranges from 1/148th to 1/160th of the original.

You can choose from any of these scales depending on the space that you are working in. If you are a beginner, N may be the most feasible scale to start with, although in saying that, HO scale is the most popular as it is seen as being a medium size. Just remember that smaller scale trains and buildings require less space, but are more fiddly to handle.

Deciding the Theme

The next thing to decide is the theme that you will use to construct your layout. You can set the theme of your layout around a specific era. This will give you a direction for designing your train layout and help you planning the scenery around it.

Designing the Scenery

After choosing the theme, you will have to work on the scenery of the railroad. This is the part where you experiment and add things that you like to your layout.

Assembling the Railroad

The most important thing is to put it all together in a way that all the components of your design emerge as a cohesive model in the end. Be realistic while you design the scenery as this will give your railroad a natural and practical look.

These are just a few of the basic details that you need to know before you start building a model train layout. As you gain more experience and work with different types of trains and/or scales, you will find out that there is a lot that you can do with your railroad. Adding realistic details to your layout will not only breathe life into your railway, but it will also make it more interesting and challenging. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Making Forests

When you want to depict a forest in your railroad scenery, you need to start with the base of the forest. Use a dark dull paint to color the floor of the forest like a muddy brown or dull gray-green. Also scatter some debris like leaves or colored foam pieces to give a lifelike appearance.

To make the trees of the forests, you can easily break off some branches from the tree in your backyard. Collect some thin branches or twigs and cut them in different sizes to show tree variety. If the base of your bench work is hardwood, then you would have to drill holes to insert the trees. If it’s foam, you can stick the trees with glue. To add leaves to your trees, you can either use real leaves or you can use the store manufactured bushes. The color again depends on the type of forest you want. Simply glue the leaves on branches and your forest is ready!

To add some woodchips to your forest, you can purchase ground cover in various grades, textures, and colors from online model train stockists like Woodland Scenics. Alternatively, you could collect lots of pencil shavings and scatter them on the forest ground. Either method will make your model forest look more lifelike.

Making Streams

Water features (streams, rivers, lakes, ponds etc) can look very realistic if you use epoxy resin and special water compounds to make them. However, if it’s a lazy stream you want, then it’s a stream you will get. You don’t have to go to extreme lengths to make the water look realistic. There is one very simple way. Just take tin-foil and crinkle it up. Straighten it out, cut it into the desired length and paste it where you want the stream to be. The tin-foil is shiny and when it is scrunched up, gives the appearance of flowing water. Just make sure you put lots of bushes, lichen and rocks around it to make it look real. These types of streams can be created among mountainous areas.

Enjoy your trains, and have fun with your model train scenery construction!







Model Buildings

B419 Railway Shed
B420 Railroad Shed
B421 Cabin
B530 Silos
B423 Church
B424 Office Building
B425 House
B426 Barn Grain Silo
B427 Shop
B428 Grain Elevator
B429 Restaurant
B430 Containers
B431 Small Train Station
B432 Signal Box
B433 Waiting Shelter
B434 Railway Station
B435 Engine Shed
B436 Engine Shed
B437 Engine Shed
B438 Crossing Shanty
B439 Telegraph Office
B440 Railway Goods Depot
B441 Station Platform
B443 Factory Farm Building
B444 Barn and WC
B445 Tractor Shed
B508 Wild West Town
B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


SAVE Up To 80%

Low Relief Buildings

B446 Low Relief City Buildings

B459 Low Relief Industrial

B473 Low Relief Houses

B474 Low Relief Terrace Houses

B482 Low Relief Terrace Shops

B489 Low Relief Rail Yards

B546 Low Relief Rail Yards

B496 Low Relief Shops

Extendable Buildings

Tall Warehouse Buildings


93 model railroad buildings

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intermodal container model kits


tall scale model warehouses - low relief structures

free card building

 model train signs





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