Printable Models: N Scale, OO, HO Scale Model Railroad Bridges, Train Tunnels, and Brick Walls. Download, Print, and Build

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Individual Plans

You can download these scale model paper plans almost instantly and save them to your computer for future use. The printable plans are downloaded in the easy to use PDF format and can be printed to HO scale, or to N scale, or OO scale. You just select from the options at the checkout when buying your downloads.

Downloading These Papers Plans For Scale Model Walls, Tunnel Portals, and Model Railroad Bridges Is Quick & Easy!

The plans you see here on this web page download complete with photo-realistic patterns, weathering and detailing. You print the downloads onto photocopy paper and glue the printed sheets to cardboard (a cereal box will do), or to corflute – that’s the material real estate signs are made from and its very cheap to buy at a hardware store or discounter.

For example; plan number B552 is a brick wall design. Viewed up close, it is hard to pick the scaled to size replica from the prototypical “life-sized” brick wall it was modelled on. The detailing is done to a very high quality to please the most discerning model railroader.

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