Download 40 Printable Shipping Container Models for N Scale, OO Gauge, and HO Scale Model Railroads.

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Individual Plans

Shipping containers are something you see in the strangest place at times. Sometimes they are used as a shed on farm, or as storage units at a public self-storage facility. The most common places to see containers stacked high is at a port or alongside a railway yard ready for loading onto trains. It is not uncommon to see double header locomotives hauling flat cars laden with shipping containers sometimes two high. That’s why scale model shipping containers are so popular with model railroaders. They look right at home on trains, in industrial yards, and just placed alongside track on N scale, OO gauge, and HO scale model railroads.

The other thing about intermodal shipping containers is they come in a variety of colors, and they vary greatly in condition. Some are old and rusty after being exposed to plenty of salt spray from being stacked on cargo ships as they cross the high seas. Others are just dirty and scratched. That’s the beauty of them, unless they are fresh out of a factory, most intermodal containers show signs of use and exposure to the elements (particularly salt spray). They get a hard life, but a very durable and take the rough treatment. Although the 40 printable paper model shipping containers in this series are not made of heavy galvanized steel, they are still really sturdy for their HO scale size. N scale paper plans are also for sale.

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