Printable Scale Model Buildings – Download & Construct 3D Paper Models From Cardboard. Sturdy, and Very Life-Like.

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Making model railroad scenery and ho scale buildings and structures can be one of the most interesting aspects of building your own HO scale railroad layout. Not only do you get to use your creativity to its limit, you also get to do a lot of experimentation. The great thing though, is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. You can make anything and see how it goes with your theme. If you don’t like it, you can redo do it and learn new techniques in the process. Remember, practice makes perfect. So the more ho scale buildings and structures and train scenery you construct the better you will get at doing it.

Here are some quick model train scenery construction tips for you:

Making Hills and Mountains to Complete The Scene

Hills, mounds, and possibly mountains can become an essential part of any scale railroad. Although in mentioning that; some HO scale train layouts, such as shelf switching layouts, are usually perfectly flat. However for the purposes of this we’ll look just at setups with mounds, hills, or mountains. Trains running through interesting scenery with HO scale buildings and structures in place look amazing. The HO scale models can be downloaded as paper models from this website. Cardboard is the perfect material for gluing the paper plans to.

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