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6 Industrial Background Buildings Pack Deal


Another 6 unique industrial designs downloadable direct to your computer here at our model train store.

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The special pack buy above features 6 card model buildings of industrial warehouses to download, print, and construct. Buying the 6 scale model industrial buildings as a pack saves 63% off the retail pricing for the 6 plans if purchased on their own. So if you need warehouses, factories, or scale model industrial building to showcase industries on your railroad, then this special buy pack is the way to go.

These 6 plans are spot on if you plan on making some card model buildings. Download the paper models print each one out ready to construct 6 model card buildings. Card from no-longer-required cereal packs is very sturdy and ideal for making card building models. Or, you can use foam board (cheap to buy), or corflute (also cheap to buy). These materials, including the card, are incredibly durable and sturdy when the scale model industrial buildings get assembled and put in place against the railroad backdrop.



Designing Model Railway Buildings – Tips for Construction and Lighting

Guest contributor: Mike Williams

The most important thing when designing your model train layout is how realistic you can make it look. Adding scenery and card model buildings to your railroad layout will not only help you in making your model railway look real, but it will also make the experience of making a railroad setup and operating trains more enjoyable for you.

Following are some basic techniques that you can use to add realistic miniature scale card model buildings to your layout. Steps are also included that you can follow to add lightning to your architecture, to make your building look beautiful, both with the lights on and in the dark. Although if you are constructing scale model industrial buildings you might not want them to look too beautiful which they are not. The card model buildings in this series are weathered to look real and a few years old, just like you would likely see in industries with factories and warehouses in the real world.

Step 1

The first thing is to decide the era that you want to depict in your model train layout. Once you have decided that, it will be easier for you to select card model buildings that you want to add to your design. Make sure that the card structures of scale model industrial buildings you are adding existed in the era that you are replicating. You can build these by constructing from scratch, or you can buy downloads of card model buildings, or purchase the quite expensive ready-to-assemble plastic kitsets, or ready-made railway building kits online.

Step 2

When buying plastic kits, count all the parts in your kits to make sure that nothing is missing. Attach the roofs and walls of the structure securely. Card model buildings that you make from cardstock (cereal boxes or corflute) are a popular choice as they are cheaper to construct and generally come pre-weathered for added realism. The plans or templates are downloaded straight to you computer ready to be printed out. They can be assembled using foam core sheets, cardboard cereal packs, or corflute sheeting. All are inexpensive.

Step 3

Add details in your card model buildings before you glue the structure together, although with downloaded paper models this is not necessary because the detailing is pre-done. The little details will add life to the scale model buildings, and subsequently to your layout. Following are the steps that you can follow to add lighting to your buildings:

1. Start with measuring the interiors of the building that you want to add lightening to. Mark cardboard or construction paper with the dimensions of the windows and building. Also mark and measure the roof of the building on the construction paper.

NOTE: The big advantage of downloading the PDF paper plans on this website is that the windows, doors etc are already done for you. This make construction much easier. You can download these kits in relatively short time.

2. Decide the windows in which you want to add lights. Cut out the drawn outlines of the windows from the card-stock or the construction paper. Only cut out those windows that you want to add light to and leave the remaining.

3. Cut out the divisions for the floors and rooms of the building. Use masking tape to hold the pieces of cardboard or construction paper together. Cover the outside of the mask with masking tape to stop the light from escaping the card model buildings.

4. Tape a wire from the bulb to the roof of the scale model building and let it hang to keep it away from the sides to avoid fire or burns. Place the mask inside the building and add the building on your model railroad. LED lighting works well.

5. Connect the wire to the control panel. Match the voltage of wire and bulb to the power supply of your model layout. Remember, safety needs to be a high priority as you wouldn’t want any parts of your card model industrial buildings or layout catching fire.

Step 4

Now that you have added light to your model railway buildings, add the weathering effect to the structures. There are various techniques that you can use to add weathering effects. If you are using steam train in your layout use gray color to show the effect of smoke on your card model buildings. If you have designed your model train layout with mountains then try to give your structures a weather beaten effect.

NOTE: The downloadable printable paper models buildings featured on this site are already painted and weathered for you. Some of these card model buildings include signs of ageing like: cracks, flaking paintwork, mold, fading paint etc.

Step 5

Place your finished scale model industrial buildings on the layout or up against the background. Make sure that you intelligently place the structures around your train track. Placing a tall building right next to your trains is not appropriate because it seldom happens in real life. You can add people, billboards, cars, tunnels, roads, a backdrop, and a lot more to give your setup a lifelike quality.

These are some simple tips that you can follow to add card model buildings in your train layout that will not only look real but will also add life.

To find out more details, or buy paper model buildings featured on this site, simply click on the link on the Home Page to download and view the full catalog of what paper kits are available in the range. The printable model kits can easily be scaled from OO gauge to HO scale or purchased as N scale downloads.

Also have a look at the range of low relief structures (also known as FLATS). The miniature card model buildings look great when positioned against a background or backdrop with trains running in the foreground. They are also downloadable.

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