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A Fire Department Building, Burnt Out House, Police and Ambulance Station.
Inexpensive and Ideal for OO Gauge, N Scale, and HO Scale Model Railroads!

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Fire Station, Police Headquarters, Ambulance Station, and Burnt-Out House


Fire Department Ambulance Police Station Models


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No town or city scene on a model railroad layout would be complete without structures that visitors to the railway can relate to. That’s why constructing a scale model fire department building, police station, and ambulance paramedic station is such a good choice for many railroads based around an urban theme. Some action and interest can be included in the scene by adding a burnt out fire damage house surrounded by emergency vehicles, miniature plastic people to depict emergency service crews with fire hoses, and onlookers watching the action unfold. Add some flashing lights and the occasional burst of sirens from police cars, fire trucks, or ambulances… and you have a wonderfully captivation model railroad scene in the making.

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The downloaded printable plans for making these scale models are not expensive especially when compared to plastic models; they are easy to download; enjoyable to build; and are exceptionally realistic when put together. Here’s how build these scale model buildings:

  1. Decide the size of buildings you want to build: HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale.
  2. Decide which models you require: fire station, police department, ambulance station, and/or the fire damaged burnt out house.
  3. Download and printout the plans.
  4. Using either a spray adhesive or clear glue, stick the printed paper plans to cardstock (recycle a discarded cereal box which will be ideal). Avoid air bubbles getting stuck between the paper and cardboard. Allow to dry.
  5. Lightly score along the folds with a craft knife. Don’t cut too deep.
  6. Then cut out the printed plan with the sharp craft knife. Two to three light cuts are better (and safer) than applying one firm deep cut.
  7. Follow the diagrams supplied with each model and glue each part of the plan together. Reasonably quick drying clear glue (about $2 a tube or less) works well. Super Glue is particularly good for joining small (sometimes fiddly) parts together.
  8. Utilize clothes pegs (pins) to clamp each part together until the assembled miniature building is completely dry.
  9. To finish off, touch up the edges of your N scale, HO scale, or OO model building with a pencil, or you could use an artist brush.
  10. Balsa wood is a perfect material for adding exposed wooden roof joists and posts to the fire damaged burnt out house model. Strips of balsa wood can be easily be painted charcoal black and glued in position.
  11. The next two steps are optional. Glue additional scraps of cardboard to the inside of the assembled miniature model. This will make it even more sturdy. The burnt out house model building already has realistic indications of fire damage, but additional techniques can be used to inject even more realism. The windows show blackened soot and charcoal woodwork. One possibility is to completely remove some of the burnt out windows to allow some limited visibility into the interior of the darkened (painted black) fire damaged house. Printing out an extra copy of the downloaded plan is an option worth considering. The doors and windows can be cut out from the first copy and a second copy of the door or window can be positioned behind the first cardboard copy. This technique can provide a more 3D perspective to the scale model house. The same method can be used when constructing the model fire department building, the police station model, and scale model ambulance station.

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Two roof options are supplied with the printable plans. The first texture is fire damaged, but without a hole in the roof. The other option has a hole in the roof where the fire has broken through. If you select the latter, then thin strips of balsa can be cut and painted charcoal black to resemble exposed burnt roof trusses. It is easy to rough the balsa up a bit (with a craft knife or sandpaper), so that wood doesn’t look too perfect. The painted balsa strips (roof trusses) can be glued to the inside of the model and appear to protrude from the exposed roof cavity. The interior of the model can be painted flat black prior to assembly if required. Painting the complete interior of the model structure a solid matt black is easy to do and could definitely hide any cardboard patches that might be visible to anyone viewing the scale model from a different angle.

Balsa wood is an excellent material to use in association with these printable paper models. Balsa wood is perfect for making posts and decking for model buildings. Strips of balsa wood can also be painted charcoal black and glue to the inside of the homes roof structure to resemble fire damaged joists exposed through the burnt out hole in the roof. Balsa can be easily cut, shaped, or scratched with a craft knife to resemble fire damage. It is also an excellent material for making scale model chimneys and can be painted or have printed textures glued to it for that purpose.

You can complete the model railroad scene with miniature plastic figures of medics standing by, police controlling the scene, and fire crews attending to the blaze or aftermath of the fire. Miniature diecast police cars, paramedic ambulances, and fire trucks can be positioned in the street along with fire hoses spread out in all directions. A crowd of curious bystanders (miniature plastic people) will really bring the scale model railroad scene to life. Some sounds of a fire crackling and/or some siren sounds can further add to the realism. There are various sound modules available for replicating sirens and fire burning sound effects.

With a house on fire or having been in flaming, it makes sense to include model buildings for the emergency vehicles and crews stationed nearby. This series of paper models also includes a fire station model, ambulance station, and police station model. These too can be downloaded and built for N scale, OO, or HO scale railroads or dioramas. There’s room to add some diecast police vehicles, ambulances, and fire trucks. Again the doors on the model buildings can be cut out and duplicate copies of the doors glued behind the first copy to enhance the 3D effect. The other option is to cut out the doors and show them open, or partially open, with emergency vehicles in the driveway or in the open doorways.

There are several ways to add realism and spectator interest to a model railroad fire scene. Portable miniature smoke unit are available to simulate the appearance of real smoke. LED lights are also a wonderful invention being both cheap and easy. LED’s can provide the effects of flashing lights on diecast emergency vehicles or the glowing flickering effect of fire. These techniques can certainly bring the recreated fire scene to life and many components can sometimes be controlled with just one switch. Obviously anything involving heat or electricity needs to be carefully considered in relation to safety and to avoid a real fire breaking out especially when using materials like card, paper, and plastic. Remember not to leave your fake smoke unit turned on for too long. The smoke fluid can dry out and potentially damage the smoke unit componentry.

These downloaded plans are very versatile and can be cut, adapted and altered to rearrange doors, windows etc., to suit a particular style. Model railroaders are only limited by their imagination. The scale model buildings can be constructed exactly as per the diagrammatic drawings supplied with the plans, or altered and added to by modelers interested in adding their own creative touch or interpretation on the designs. Adding painted balsa wood roof joists is one example of what can be done with a little creative thinking.

The model fire department building, paramedic ambulance station, police station, fired burned house and other model railroad buildings on this website can be constructed to HO scale, OO, or N scale sizing depending on the individual requirements of the model railroader or craftsperson making the models. These plans are also suitable for school projects and other craft projects. The printable scale model plans are exceptionally realistic, yet cheap and strong to construct out of paper and cardboard.