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low relief building B453

B453 Low-Relief Building

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B454 Low-Relief Building

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low relief building B455

B455 Low-Relief Building

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low relief building B456

B456 Low-Relief Building 

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Low Relief Railway Building B457 

B457 Low-Relief Building

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 B458 Low Relief Building

B458 Low-Relief Building

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Low-relief buildings can provide amazing persective & dimension to any model railroad layout. They are in simplist terms, 3 sided buildings that give the illusion of being full-sized buildings. Sometimes they are only one-sided revealing just the front or a side of the building. These structures are commomly positioned on the horizon set against a background sky or scene, or on the outer edge of a layout. Industrial warehouse buildings like these would look extremely realistic positioned alongside a yard track as an indicating they are servicing the railroad.

The big advantage of using low relief building like this, is that they give the viewer the idea the scenery stretches further to the distance than it actually does. Industrial and warehouse buildings also look at home near railway lines and add character and authenticity to the overall scene. These miniature structures look so photorealistic it is incredibly hard to believe they are in fact scaled-down replicas and not real-life-sized working buildings.

This industrial scene is very cheap to purchase and so easy-to-assemble. They are ready for scaling to the size you are modeling. If you are using HO then you might want to make the buildings in the distance even smaller (perhaps N scale). The plans are download in 'OO gauge' and are quick to resize as HO scale or even N scale. Download the plans. They are PDF files. Print them on a home printer. Print 2, 3, or 4 copies if you want to that (there won't be any extra charge). The plans need to be used for private (not commercial) use. Ordinary paper is fine for printing on.

It is over to you how much additional strength you add to each building. Some modelers will glue the plans on to foam sheets (get it from a DIY Hardware or Discount Store) or corflute. Both come in as big sheets and cost very little. This makes the buildings sturdy when the paper parts are glued on the pre-cut corflute or foam board. There's no need to use a saw... a sharp stanley knife (or scarpel) will do the job with ease. Each of the models includes flaps for adhering them to your back ground.

Downloading a file takes only moments. Save the file (or files) to your computer for easy access in the future. Giving the file(s) away or selling them or trading them or distributing them to others is absolutely prohibited under copyright laws.

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Building Model Railroad Scenery –
Make It Look Real With These
7 Weathering Techniques

Real life railway tracks gets worn down and weathered over a long period of time. This is caused by the changing weather and from being in use continuously (or perhaps not being used enough). To give the same effect to your model railroad, it requires you to add weathering effects to your layout. Adding weathering effects to your tracks, trains and building will give your railroad a realistic look that is hard to achieve if you use brand new items.

Weathering is time consuming (but FUN) and it takes a while to enhance your weathering skills. However, following are different tools you can put to use to add weathering effects to your layout:

1. Dry Brushing Technique

Take a dry paint brush and dip it into paint of an appropriate color to create the effect that you want to achieve. Remove most of the paint from the brush by wiping it on a paper towel. Now paint the building or train from top to bottom, leaving streaks that will give the effect of cracked paint. You can use different colors and use the brush in different ways to accomplish differing effects. You can use red/orange/brown for rust, gray to add stains from exhaust, and black for oil and grease. Do not over do it by covering the entire area, rather focus on few places to give it a more realistic look. Flat matt acrylic paints generally work best.

2. Wash to Highlight

Use textured surfaces on your train cars and buildings. Now mix ten parts paint thinner in one part of paint. Use a brush to lightly paint the textured surface. The mixture of paint will start settling in the low spots of the texture and rub off from the raised areas which will give weathered look to buildings or train cars. Watered down India ink can be used in this way to add dimension to cliff faces.

3. Dull and Dirty

Use paint thinner with thin gray paint to make objects look more dirty or worn. Use an airbrush to spray the objects with gray paint, in a side motion. The airbrush will help you give a light coat of paint to the objects. If you want your train car or building looking dirty then you can also use brown paint in the same way to achieve that effect. Nothing looks more fake than a brand new building or engine straight out of its packaging. A look around everyday real life scenes will reveal that real life objects are far from perfect or clean. Unless a building has been recently painted it will likely show marks and indications of damage or wear and tear.

4. Add Graffitti

Even if you don’t like to see graffiti (or vandalism) on walls or trains, in reality it is common these days. It is entirely up to you whether you include patches of it on your railroad. You could add graffiti to trains and structures if you are building railroad scenery to depict a city area. You can apply graffiti stickers to the side of the trains or buildings. Use gray paint to spray over graffiti with an airbrush. This will give a faded look to the graffiti making it look old. Make sure that you blend in the edges of the sticker to hide them.

5. Rough it up

To give buildings and rail cars a more weathered look, rub their sides with sand or sandpaper. This will create scratches and will make the objects look old.

6. Rust

There are certain areas on trains such as wheels and bolts that are more prone to rust. Paint these areas with a rusty color to give make your trains look more real. Buildings with iron roofs are also prone to rust especially if the roof has been in place for many years.

7. Chalk Weathering

Create a pile of chalk dust by rubbing chalk along the edge of a knife. Sprinkle the dust over the objects that you are weathering. Spray these areas with lacquer finish. This finish will hold the dust particles in place to add a permanent weathered effect to the objects.
These are simple ways in which you can make your trains look weathered. Weathering effects are important to make your buildings and trains look closer to real life and it depicts your attention to details while building railroad scenery. Join a train club in your area or online and have fun.

NOTE: The model railroad buildings featured on this page have already been weathered, so there is no need to add further detailing.



Model Buildings

B419 Railway Shed
B420 Railroad Shed
B421 Cabin
B530 Silos
B423 Church
B424 Office Building
B425 House
B426 Barn Grain Silo
B427 Shop
B428 Grain Elevator
B429 Restaurant
B430 Containers
B431 Small Train Station
B432 Signal Box
B433 Waiting Shelter
B434 Railway Station
B435 Engine Shed
B436 Engine Shed
B437 Engine Shed
B438 Crossing Shanty
B439 Telegraph Office
B440 Railway Goods Depot
B441 Station Platform
B443 Factory Farm Building
B444 Barn and WC
B445 Tractor Shed
B508 Wild West Town
B466 Houses
B520 Mining Town
6 Rail Yard Buildings
Walls Bridges Tunnel Portals
8 House & 4 Garages


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Low Relief Buildings

B446 Low Relief City Buildings

B459 Low Relief Industrial

B473 Low Relief Houses

B474 Low Relief Terrace Houses

B482 Low Relief Terrace Shops

B489 Low Relief Rail Yards

B546 Low Relief Rail Yards

B496 Low Relief Shops

Extendable Buildings

Tall Warehouse Buildings


93 model railroad buildings

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tall scale model warehouses - low relief structures

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