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I had never tried to build any of these small scale models before. I printed these on card stock. They were light and very easy to assemble. Once on the board they look like the real thing. I am using them and the bridge, tunnel and wall set.

Thom Swift, Lee, Pittsfield, MA, USA


What I like about your site is that unlike many kits is if you mess up a part you have ruined the model, with your downloads you can easily print out the section again. This is church I purchased and constructed from your web site. I have added the extra porch myself.

Peter Mawson, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


I named the town Racine City Nevada. I built this for my Pop because he loves old west stuff. The buildings were awesome and easy to build. It just takes a little patience, a steady hand (sort of) and a bit of creativity. The cool thing is you can add whatever woodworks on the outside and the combinations are endless. I just wanted to that with your products and a good imagination you can make any train layout or diorama a beautiful work of art.

Mike Racine


The buildings above are the first build of your products for my switching layout. And I am very pleased with how they look. I really like the weathered look the structures have. Saves me and money for painting. Thank you again for your building plans they are needed to help this tired old vet keep what sanity life throws at us. It was very enjoyable building these.

John Reitz, Fort Wayne, IN, USA


I am still in the planning stage of a Chicago North Shore railroad. However, having your models has given me ideas about how to model the Shore Line, terminating in Waukegan, Illinois. In reality, your buildings have helped me formulate what I really want out of this portion of the railroad. The resulting track plan is simpler and more realistic. Thank you for providing the catalyst for the development of a realistic track plan.

Gregory Schaefer, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, USA


The download of the package was prompt and efficient. Downloading the buildings gives the ability to easily ‘kit bash’ the model to fit a particular space on a layout which is great when the need arises as can be seen in my attached photo. I am looking forward to making up the remainder of the buildings in the package once I decide how to arrange them and fit interior and exterior lighting.

John Sharp, Levin, New Zealand


I mentioned I would send a few pictures, these are first shots of sections before getting put on the layout, I still have some more details to do, but thought you might like to see these. Yes, I cut the windows out and used non glare tape inside of houses. Because of space I had to hang a few near the edge of cliff and so with the texture sheet that came with the plans I made the decking, and cut wood to make the railings.

Richard (details withheld)


Sharp-eyed readers will note that Richard has cleverly adapted and extended a couple of the backdrop factory plans (right) to suit his own personal requirements. He’s done a great job!


This was my first attempt at constructing one of your buildings and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I know the next farm buildings (oo) I make from the pack I got will be even better because I learnt some good little tips doing this one. I like the acetate skylight idea and will put some fine straw and a diecast tractor and a couple of cows inside. Very happy chappy thank you!

David W, Canning Vale, WA, Australia.


Your website is my most favorite for project work. I’ve already downloaded lots of cool model buildings for my HO scale railroad. I just buy…. download….. print….. cut…. paste…. and wow I got easy to prepare buildings for my layout. Even the prices are so cool and pocket friendly. Thanks.

Ashim Sutar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


I made this barn for the rural setting on my railway and am going to print and make another one, because my young grandson wanted to play with it. I’ll buy him some plastic animals and reinforce his model with bits of card or foam glued inside to give it enough strength to survive a 5 year old pretending to be Old MacDonald. I’ll give it a coating of spray varnish too, as I know it will need to take some rough treatment. Yes, I’m very happy with the one I’ll position on my ‘grown-ups only’ railway!

Glen S, Southampton, Hampshire, UK.


It’s hard to see from this photo, but I cut and painted a couple of thin plastic cable ties and glued them ‘rough side out’ along the top façade of this background warehouse. A buddy of mine thought it looked so good that I should build the gray version you sell and put the two side by side behind my rail yard.

Andrew C, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


My name is Paolo Tavano and I live in Italy and I am retired and worked on the state railways. What I like most about these kits is the simplicity of construction and the fidelity with which they are designed, characteristics that facilitate the construction even for those with little experience.

Paolo Tavano, Aosta Valley, Italy


Here’s a photo of the plans I put together. Impressed with the them. They will go behind my railway soon.

Ken T, Montpellier, France


As a retired 77 year old I’m finally getting back into model railroading. Being retired money is not plentiful and I confess I’m not as well coordinated as I once was. Your Model Buildings are just what the doctor ordered! They’re really quite easy to cut out and assemble, and look positively wonderful upon completion. I’ve chosen to use 110lb card stock and think the new buildings will be a wonderful addition to my layout. Thanks

Jim Mays, Burlington, WA, USA