Construct These 6 Printable Paper House Models Perfect For
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6 House Designs Pack Deal


Downloading these printable card stock paper pdf plans for 6 3D houses is easy. Ideal for diorama scenery.

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Whether you’re assisting a child, grandchild, or younger sibling with a creative and educational school project, or constructing scenery and structures for an highly detailed model railroad project, downloaded paper models are the perfect solution. Building model houses from cheap cardboard (free if you use no-longer-required cereal packs) is a fun and easy fascinating craft project. You can make a simple model house like the realistic set of 6 model houses for sale at the top of the page. These paper house models can be made up from materials you might likely already have sitting around your house, in particular cardboard that might otherwise end up in the trash. So, knowing how to build a model house for a school project doesn’t need to cost a fortune – quite the opposite, building model houses like the 6 in the half price deal on this page is not expensive.The first house is a 3-level design with a long dark gray sloped roof, the next scale model house is a 2 level design with 4 side windows and green roof, after that is a 2 level, 3 side windowed house, then a single level home with brown shutters, followed by a 1 level yellowy colored timber house and a single level gray roof timber house. If you are wondering how to build a model house for a school project, then any one (or all) of these model house buildings would make a brilliant school project, or complete a street scene on a scale model railroad. Plans are downloaded for these 6 paper models in this series of printable house models made at home or school from cardboard.



How to Build a Model House for a School Project or Model Railroad

Building Model Railroad Scenery – Tips and Tricks

The passion of model trains is not limited to trains alone. Railway enthusiasts also find a great deal of joy in designing the scenery around their model train layouts. You do not necessarily have to be an artist if you are designing a scaled down layout complete with scenery and model house buildings. All you need is to be clear about what you want to design and then follow simple tips to get your desired result.

The most challenging aspect of designing a model railroad (be it HO scale or N scale) is to make it look realistic. The more realistic your scenery and scale model houses, structures and buildings are, the more rewarding the hobby will be. However, giving your model railroad scenery a realistic look is not as difficult as it may sound. Following are some basic tips that you can follow to add a touch of realism in your layout:

Automobiles Driving Roads and Parked Outside Model Houses and Buildings

If you have added miniature autos in your railroad then adding people in the autos is going to make it more realistic. It is a bit of an effort such as dismantling a vehicle, but adding people in your railroad layout will have a great impact. It will help you attain the real life appeal that you want to add to your design. Parking vehicles in driveways and the street in front of your scale model houses looks just like a real residential street scene.

Be Era Specific

If you have selected an era and you are designing your railroad scenery around it then it is absolutely necessary that all part of your design should depict that era. Adding a 1957 Chevy to a train layout that has been designed to depict the 20’s will damage the image that you are trying to create.

Keep the Scale Consistent

Make sure that you keep the scale you are using in mind when you are purchasing accessories, scale model houses, and structures for your design. This is necessary for uniformity so that nothing in your railroad layout looks inappropriate or out-of-place. HO scale and the smaller N scale are the biggest selling scales. OO scale is the most popular scale in the UK.

Scratch Built Model Railroad Buildings

Try making model buildings and structures at home. It is not obligatory that you buy all the structures that you want to add in your train layout. To keep your railroad more economical and realistic you can create structures at home using paper, cardboard, timber, or foam. Scenic effects can be made from actual sand, tree branches, leaves, stones, or anything that you think you can remodel to give your design a realistic look. These techniques can also be applied if you are wondering how to build a model house for a school project. Material don’t need to be expensive. Using household items found inside and outside the house can be very economical and still look wonderfully real on a serious model railroad, or for a school project made in the classroom.

Depict Variety in Population

If you have added people in your design, make sure that they are specific to the era that you are trying to portray in your model railroad scenery. Try to add a variety of figurines in your design. You can achieve this by buying figurines from different suppliers. Position people as if they were walking along the street, or in the yard of houses, or even outside classrooms in a school house scene.

Add Weathering Effects

To make your model buildings and structures look like they were actually built in the past, you need to rough them up a bit. You will fail to achieve the authentic look if every railroad building in your design looks like it is fresh out of the hobby store. You can buy model railroad buildings where the painting and weathering is already done for you (like the printable houses you see on this page).

Add Design to the Interiors

Try to add decorations to the interior of some of the kit structure in your design. It is not as complicated as it sounds. You can work with thin paper to add things like curtains or carpets to give interiors for railroad buildings a more authentic look. It is as simple as gluing fabric to paper and sticking it on the surface of the windows in the building. The printable model railroad buildings (seen on this page) already include windows and some feature curtains and reflections to make them look just like a building from a real life scene.


This is something that most designers overlook. However this is an amazing technique to make your layout look more specific to the era that you are trying to capture. Add advertisement related to that era in your design. You can easily find images on the internet or magazines that you can resize to fit your layout.

Add Season Related Decorations

You can modify your design with the change in seasons. You can add Christmas lights and snow to depict winters, or you can add fallen leaves to make it look like it is autumn.

Your design can look as real as you want it to. It all depends on your attention to details and your imagination. While the train and track is the main attraction of your layout, to add a touch of magic to your setup you need to experiment with the designs to make your scenery look as lifelike as possible. So now you know more about how to build a model house for a school project or scale model railroad.

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