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City Office Plans Background Scale Models

City Office Plans Background Scale Models

Corflute, Foamboard, or Cardboard – Which is best?

The choice of materials really comes down to personal preference, and your skills with using the various materials. Many experienced model makers and hobbyists use cereal box card for constructing the 3D paper plan models on this website, but prefer foamboard or corflute for making their background models. Both corflute and foamboard are inexpensive available in large sheets from many DIY stores, discount stores, and art supply stores. Both materials are easy to work with, easy to cut and glue, and are very strong and durable. Cereal cardboard can also be used for making backdrop buildings, and is especially good for constructing small parts. Watch some of the demonstration videos on this website and you will see examples of all 3 materials being used.

Planning A Backdrop City Scene For Your Railroad Layout

Tall city structures can make the perfect background scene on a model railroad layout because they not only add character and height, but also perspective to the scene. With lower level buildings in the foreground, background city structures can stand tall against the skyline. City structures also provide the opportunity to create a busy street scene with shops, pedestrians, and vehicles of all kinds positioned along the busy streets and sidewalks. The PDF paper plans for the scale models featured on this page can be downloaded, and constructed to OO gauge size, HO scale, or N scale.

Upper levels of city buildings can house offices for accountants, solicitors, city administrators, architects, insurance companies, boutique hotels, and numerous other businesses. Some city structures not only house offices, but also apartments where city workers reside. Numerous businesses can be located at ground level including a variety of retail stores and services. Here are some examples: scale model plan 648 has a law office, dental surgery, and property brokers office; plan 650 has an accountant; paper plan 651 has a hair salon; plan 652 includes a shoe store; plan 653 has an antiques store; plan 654 features a coffee shop; 655 has a ladies accessories store; paper plan 656 includes a gift shop and a book store; the ground floor of plan 657 is the entrance to a cinema; scale model 658 has the entrance to a boutique downtown hotel; plan 659 includes a florist business; paper plan 660 features a bakery; plan 661 incorporates an art gallery; and, scale model 662 includes a kitchenware store and café.

The PDF paper plans for these scale models can be downloaded and saved on your computer for future use. At the checkout select either OO scale if you intend to make these background models for an OO gauge railway, or it is simply a case of adjusting your printer settings to reduce the printed plans to 87% for HO scale railroads. If your railway layout is N scale, then simply select to buy the N scale versions at the checkout. If you would like to hear feedback from other customers who have made models from this website in HO scale, OO scale, and N scale then please visit your Customer Reviews page. Numerous construction tutorials and tips can be found on the How-To Instructions and Videos pages. Both links are in the very top navigation bar at the top of every web page. Here is a summary of the models and packs they come in. Remember, the plans for all models can be purchased separately, if you don’t want to take advantage of the discounted pack deals:

Plan 648 – Chadwick Building (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 649 – Municipal Chambers (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 650 – West Apartments (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 651 – Green/White Building (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 652 – Holton Building (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 653 – The Oaks Apartments (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 654 – Kenmore House (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 655 – Henderson House (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 656 – Olsen Commercial Suites (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 657 – Downtown Movies, Park Ridge Offices & Apartments (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 658 – Downtown Boutique Hotel (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 659 – Station Terraces (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 660 – Bakery Building (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 661 – Art Gallery Building (included in Packs D and A)

Plan 662 – Two Red Brick Buildings (included in Packs D and A)

You can make your own realistic-looking handmade scale models for your railway layout from the paper plans downloaded from this model buildings website. Construct these miniature background models for OO gauge, HO scale or N scale railroads.

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