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If you are fascinated by model trains, or just enjoy creating layout scenery and structures, then this structure building website is for you. It not only has a huge range of more than 200 printable HO, N, and OO scale model railway buildings, but it also features helpful construction videos, free scale train calculators, and free train room signs for railway modelers. You’ll find details of the full range of printable model train buildings as downloads, and video assembly demonstrations etc., are on the HOME PAGE.

model railway train buildings

Download These Accurately Designed, Authentically Detailed,
Printable Scale Model Railway Buildings For Your Train Layout

For a train layout to look real and convincing to the eye, railroaders know that attention to the smallest detail is what can differentiate an ordinary train layout from one of those masterpieces on display at major train shows or railway exhibitions. Attention to detail is not limited to the precision of the engines, cars and other rolling stock, it is also about creating convincingly realistic miniature scenery for the rail line to pass through. OO gauge, N scale, and HO scale trains operating on a flat baseboard without the accompaniment of “real looking” scenery, model train buildings, and architecture will just look like toy trains, as opposed to miniature scale replicas of full size trains.

This process not only involves replicating real life natural occurrences like hills, mountains, streams, cliffs, trees and other foliage, the sky and clouds etc., but also the human-made structures and elements likely to be found in and around a town, farm, port, industry, or rail yard scene or railway track. Manufactured elements, objects, structures, and model train buildings on a scale railroad need to portray a likeness to their real life counterparts.

Anything that is a scaled down copy of full sized object will fit into that category including: road and rail bridges, brick walls, houses, telephone poles, fences, vehicles, shops and retail stores, industrial structures like warehouses, factories, silos, loading docks, freight depots, signals, train tracks, station platforms, and the list goes on. Having just one, or a couple of these man-made objects out of place, or presented in an artificial manner, can spoil the whole scenery effect and give the game away.

Imagine viewing a layout at a train show, and becoming absorbed in the imagery and story of a 1930’s railroading scene, only to spot a 1950’s vehicle parked in a side road. The whole fantasy of being engrossed in the miniature scene (as if it where a real life scene), suddenly disappears and seems unreal. This is precisely why we have put so much effort into making the model railway buildings available on this website so true to life and accurate in detail.

 model railway background buildings

Complete Your Railway Backdrop With Characterful “Life-Like” Model Train Buildings

Once you download, print and build you will iimmediately come to realize the incredible flexibility that you can get out of these scale model railway buildings. No matter if you aim for creating a freight dept or a church, a shop, train station, or bus shelters, you won’t be disappointed with the quality, realism, and durability of the assembled structures you buy.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to construct these impressive OO, N, or HO scale model train buildings on your own. Simply by working from the simple to follow instructions, you will get guaranteed wonderful results in no time. You will be able to download the plans you wish to create and (if you choose), use the same image templates as many times as you want. This enables you to save money by making duplicate buildings, or extending the designs to enlarge the model structures.

old wild west model railway buildings for scale trains

Recreate a Miniaturized Old Wild Western or Mining Town
with theseCompletely Authentic Scale Model Railway Buildings

The hands-on world of a scale railroader is indeed a special experience. Bring your sense of wonder with you… as your hobby takes you on a fascinating journey… where you’ll learn how to get started in this enthralling hobby.

The hands-on world of a scale railroader is indeed a special experience. Bring your sense of wonder with you… as your hobby takes you on a fascinating journey… where you’ll learn how to get started in this enthralling hobby.

Railway modeling is often called “the world’s greatest hobby.” Some might consider this to be self-promotion, but if you consider the breadth of skills and interests that this hobby encompasses, there is a good deal of support for that position. If you ask train enthusiasts “what appeals about the hobby?” you’ll get a variety of answers. For some, it is a way of re-creating a fond childhood memory.

Others; simply enjoy building a world in miniature with all its detail and realism. Then there are those train railroaders who love solving the technical problems of building and operating an electronic control system.

Scale modeling includes areas of technical, artistic, historic and manual skills, as well as a great potential for club and group interaction. Yet, on some level, it is always a solitary hobby as well. Personal expression and storytelling are usually prominently displayed, and train layouts are built by everyone from the very young to the very old.

Investigating this hobby might just start you on a lifelong journey from the past to the future of one of the first forms of mechanical transportation. Even today, new technology changes the face of railroading quickly, and trains will always be there to let you enjoy re-creating each advance in miniature.

Building a model railway layout and operating model trains is an excellent hobby and can be as expensive, or as inexpensive, as you want to make it. If you want the full enjoyment of this enthralling hobby over many years, then be prepared to fork out a lot of money. If model railroading gives you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction, then it is well worth it.

However, what you invest is entirely over to you. If you’re looking for something simple, then you can stick with a cheaper brand. It’s basically up to you. Just make sure that you know what you want and price out any purchase carefully.

You can also save a lot of money, time, and frustration by minimizing or eliminating mistakes. Learn as much as you can from experienced people in the hobby, and use the online resources available to you… and never stop learning! There are also ways to save money, such as constructing model train buildings from card, corflute, or balsa wood instead of buying plastic kits which can be very expensive, and you still need to paint them and have the skills to weather and detail them to a high standard so as to remove the appearance of being painted plastic models. That’s not to say plastic kits are not worthwhile, they certainly can be impressive if you have the budget and required airbrushing skills to bring them to life. Printable paper model railway buildings have the advantage being downloaded in full color complete with photographic style images showing the type of precise details likely to be found on real structures e.g. Downpipes, rusty metal, flaky painted timber, water marks and stains etc.

city town model railway buildings for ho scale trains

City and Town Model Train Buildings to Create a Busy Urban Street Scene
for HO Scale, OO Gauge, or N scale Train Layouts or Scenery Dioramas

To resemble the real world, model trains shouldn’t run in isolation on a flat baseboard without scenery and structures to help tell the story of why the trains are there. That’s where scenery props like hills and mountains, roads and bridges, vegetation and streams, can help complete the scene that is being replicated in miniature. Trains are a form of transport so in real life travel from one destination to another delivering cargo and freight, or passengers from one railway station to another, or from one rail yard to another in the case of freight. Neither the trains, or the scenery work in isolation without human activity incorporated into the scene to give it the appearance of being active and alive, rather than resembling a deserted landscape or urban setting. So plastic people (and animal) figures, and vehicles will add life to a model train layout. So too, will model railway buildings which also give people and trains a reason for being part of the scene. This is where these downloaded printable paper models can be so effective in producing genuine looking replica model structures for a very reasonable price. Have a look through the catalog on the Home Page for the huge range of plans available in OO gauge / HO scale, and also in N scale.

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