Naturally Weathered Shops Pack Deal

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6 highly detailed, naturally weathered shops for the perfect HO, OO, or N scale railroad scenic backdrop.

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Get This Realistic Street Scene Of Printable Model Railroad Buildings Comprising 6 Fun-To-Make Model Shops.. Ideal For Backdrop Scenes. BELOW HALF PRICE TODAY!

A model railroad layout whether it be HO scale, OO gauge, or N scale never seems large enough, but a well thought out backdrop can certainly make the layout appear to stretch forever. Regardless of whether your scenery includes mountains, gentle hillsides, open plains/desert or perhaps a town or cityscape, a backdrop can extend the scenic illusion out beyond the horizon. The trick is to add interest and activity to the backdrop scenery by positioning printable model railroad buildings against the background skyline or greenery.

Various techniques can be used for modeling backdrops. Some model railroaders prefer highly detailed busy scenes, whereas others opt for simple clear blue sky with maybe a few clouds for realism. Some modelers choose acrylic paints, whilst some will use photographs to make the scene appear real. Whether a simple blue sky is painted on the backdrop, or whether photographic backdrops are stuck to the background wall, placing printable model railroad buildings directly up against the scenic backdrop can look very interesting and so real.

The technique of positioning “flats” or “buildings in low relief” against a backdrop is very effective and widely used. Paper “flats” glued to corflute just show the front of a structure up against the scenery background, and low relief structures typically show the front, and part of a roof and two side walls. Both are ways of saving space and extending the horizon, and using printable model railroad buildings like the 6 shops featured in this video are the perfect solution for railroaders. The downloadable paper models are very strong and durable when glued onto corflute or foam board. The attention to detail is also “spot on”, because even the shop windows reveal the interior of the stores. The paper textures also include normal wear and tear that would be expected on a real building that had been exposed to the sun, wind, and rain over many years, not to mention dirt, grime, and even crack lines in the structures that may have appeared naturally over the years.

When you look closely at the detailing on these printable model railroad buildings you’d think they were real… especially when you position them against the backdrop on your HO scale, or N scale model railroad. Have a close look at the images on this web page to look closely at the fine detailing and intricate weathering on these printable paper model railroad buildings. Look carefully and you can even see the fresh produce and items on display in the store windows, and that’s something you won’t get on plastic model kit sets.

These printable model railroad buildings are background buildings using the “low relief” technique that enables you to position parts of the complete building directly against your backdrop skyline, so as to give the illusion the structure is full depth. By using this technique you can give the impression the scenery extends much further than it actually does. It is a clever technique used by many very experienced veteran model railroaders to make their HO scale model railroad layouts appear bigger than they actually are. It also is a great space-saver and allows more space for extra train track or other scenery features.

The printable model railroad buildings in this streetscape can be purchased separately or as a package of PDF plans for 6 paper models for sale at a heavily discounted price. Buying the pack deals is certainly the cheapest way to go and the paper models all look good together as a complete shopping strip. You can choose from a Fruit & Veggie Shop, a Bakery, an Antique Shop, Barbers Shop, a Fish Market, or Butchery… or buy the plans for all six paper models and really save big money!

These 6 printable model railroad buildings of shops are sold by download as a PDF which is almost instant delivery to your PC where you can save the file for future use. Scaling these buildings to HO scale, OO gauge, or to N scale is extremely easy when using your home printer. In actual fact, when you go to the checkout to purchase, you will be given two options either OO scale / HO scale or N scale. If you model OO gauge or HO scale choose the first option. The OO version of the paper plans can easily be printed to HO scale by simply adjusting the printer settings to 87%. Many model railroaders just print the OO gauge plans same size for HO scale, but 87% is a more accurate conversion and it’s easy to do. For N scale just select the N scale option at the checkout. That way you can download the plans for the paper models to the suit the size of your model railroad.

It is over to you what materials you use for construction. Some railway modelers prefer card for strengthening and assembly. Other hobbyists favor corflute (the same stuff real estate agents use for there signage), or foam sheeting works well. I personally prefer corflute for constructing my printable model railroad background buildings. Card is free if you use a discarded cornflake box. However both corflute and foam sheets are extremely cheap from discounters and DIY stores. The material usually comes in big sheets which make several printable model railroad buildings. So, you can use more to add extra strengthening and make these model railroad buildings as strong as you want!

Yes, you can make this entire shopping street scene for just a few dollars…

As you can see these photo-realistic paper designs are really cheap to download and assemble using adhesive, card/corfute/foam. Better still, you won’t need to buy model paints or spend hours adding minute details or weathering. It’s already done for you on these printable paper models.

Save the designs on your computer and you can make more model railroad buildings later. You won’t be asked to purchase a second download to your computer.

Just glue the little signboards to card and fold them in half. They’ll look right at home sitting on the pavement in front of the street scene of shops. You don’t need to display all 6 sandwich-board signs at once, maybe rotate the signs around so that you display a couple of different ones each month. This will add interest and variety to your HO scale model railroad scene.

Each printable paper design has easy to follow drawings to guide you through the construction process. As long as you have a very sharp craft knife (or scalpel), some adhesive (glue stick, spray adhesive, super glue, or clear glue), card / foam / corflute, a straight ruler or sharp edge for cutting… then you are on you way to constructing any one, of these printable model railroad buildings. Construction only takes a few minutes and you’ll have your street scene of retail stores ( a shopping strip) starting to take shape.

These printable paper models are quick and easy to download, print and build… and, a lot of fun to create. You’ll be really impressed with what you have created.

So give it a go. I am positive you will be really happy with how realistic this model railroad street scene will look on your HO scale railway layout. (OO gauge or N scale too!)

These printable model railroad buildings are designed to last, and will be ready for positioning on your railroad to transform the backdrop from unimaginative to lifelike and interesting. So get started now by looking at through the range of paper models available for purchase and download on this website. The range of printable model buildings include: warehouses, railway stations, silos, houses, shops, farm buildings, shipping containers, rail-side structures and background buildings, apartments and terraced houses, an old wild west town scene, mining buildings, churches, walls, tunnel portals, bridges, and much more. They can all be constructed to OO scale, in HO scale, or to N scale depending on the scale of your model railroad.

There is even a free catalog showing the current range of printable model railroad buildings. You can download it for free from this website. The link is on the HOME PAGE.

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