HOT BUY! Bring True-Like Realism To Your Model Railroad
With These 2 x OO, N, and HO Scale Shopping Centers

Grab Series #1 and/or Series #2 Packs Saving up to 71%
or Download Individual Plans… You Choose!

The scale model buildings in the series #1 pack can be joined together in the configuration of your choice. Download, print, and build: a News agency, Food Market, Pizza Store, Take-out Food Store, Bakery, Medical Clinic, Pharmacy (Drug Store), Women’s Clothing Store, Barbers, and WC’s. The series #1 pack also includes some pavement and carpark park texture which can be joined as required for those who don’t want to use other paving/roading construction methods.

Plans for the scale model buildings in the series #2 pack include: a discount store, fruit and veggie market, fried chicken shop & Asian take-out, liquor retailer, hair salon, women’s fashion boutique, butchery store, 7-day convenience store, and roadside signboard. The downloadable series #2 pack also includes some texture to make a sidewalk and carpark if you are not using other road/sidewalk construction methods on your model railroad layout.

Download Plans For 11 Pre-Weathered Scale Model
To Make 2 Shopping Centers With 18 Stores

Download, Print, and Build For N Scale, OO Gauge, or HO Scale Model Railroads

After downloading the plans of your choice, simply print them out on your home printer. If you selected N scale versions at the checkout, you will be able to download your plans ready for printing to N scale size. If you purchased OO scale versions they can be printed same size (for OO scale buildings), or with a simple adjustment to your printer settings they can be scaled to 87% which is the precise reduction for HO scale models.

Plans for these downloadable paper models a perfect for making model railroad buildings because they are not only inexpensive especially when compared to plastic models, but they are also authentically realistic and don’t require painting or airbrushing skills or equipment. The plans can be downloaded in PDF format and saved directly to your computer, and unlike plastic models, if you make a mistake or choose to adjust the size it is just a case of printing an extra copy.

New customers are sometimes a little skeptical with how strong their finished models might be. No worries! We constantly get feedback from very satisfied repeat customers, so we know how effective and sturdy these constructed models are. Cereal box cardboard, corflute, and foamboard are all inexpensive and popular construction materials and become very strong when glued in place. Assembled models can be sprayed with a clear matt varnish spray if required. It is an option some customers choose.

See the scale charts for these scale paper models by clicking either the series #1 or series #2 links above. Details on those pages.

If you would like to read some reviews and customer feedback from railroaders and hobbyists who have already built paper models from this website click here