9 "Exceptionally Realistic" Extendable Scale Model
Industrial Buildings To Position Against
Your Railroad Background Scenery

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Join these structures together to extend your model railroad background scene. Photo realistic graphics.

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Practicality is an important word worth of careful consideration when planning or designing model railroads. There is no benefit is having scale model buildings that are too big and take up too much of the valuable layout space. That’s where background structures really come into their own on model railroads. They can be constructed in such a fashion as to require minimal space leaving more area for running trains, the main objective when building model railroads. So it is possible to have space-saving HO scale industrial buildings as background structures without taking away too much, if any, track space.

“Low relief” is the model railroading term used to describe a building with only the front (or the back) visible. Scale model buildings of this type sometimes have part of one or two sides seen. Background structures in low relief can only be viewed front on or from the sides or from above revealing only part of the complete background structure. Low relief scale model buildings are not full 3D buildings so require less space. It is for this reason that low relief buildings are very often positioned at the edge (or near to the edge) of a scale rail layout.

Done well, HO scale industrial buildings in low relief used as background structures provide a superbly realistic backdrop. The background can run along the edge giving the look that the landscape stretches further than in reality it does. The downloadable plans for paper models of apartment and commercial buildings seen on this website would provide a interesting urban street profile to the backdrop of a model railroad layout. Downloads of the scale model buildings look so genuine it is hard to believe they are scaled down models and not the real thing.

The street scene I mention is inexpensive to download and easy to make, and can be scaled down (within reason) to any size required. You simply download paper plans (PDF files) of HO scale industrial buildings and background structures from this website in preparation for printing out to HO scale, or you can nominate to download N scale plans at the checkout when purchasing.

Foam board (available from Hardware, DIY, Discount, and also Art Stores) or Cor Flute are perfect for supporting the structures. The printable paper models can be glued directly onto the board (or to card) Both construction materials are low in price to buy in a big sheet. Card is free if you cut up an old cereal box. Glue each printed paper part before you glue the parts to a pre-cut foam board or Cor Flute sheet. Leave the parts to dry which should only take a few minutes.

Downloading of each file takes a few seconds, or possibly a minute on a really slow internet speed, and you can keep the files of the paper models on your computer for future usage. You are legally allowed to print multiple copies for your own non-commercial use.

Giving copies away, selling them, trading copies, or distributing copies or PDF files of these scale model buildings breaches the strictly monitored copyright laws. I printed out a couple of copies of the taller buildings and glued the frontages directly into my backdrop. I then positioned a row of 3 sided buildings a few inches in front to add dimension and give the appearance of a street running between the front and back buildings.

Check out today’s special price (see above) where you have the opportunity to buy a pack deal of OO, N scale or HO scale industrial buildings downloads for a discounted price. They make excellent background structures.



Downloads of N Scale or HO Scale Industrial Buildings Make Excellent Background Structures for a Practical Model Railroad Layout


Apart from using the HO scale model buildings as scenery props and background structures on your layout, here is another clever use for the paper low relief buildings. Get an artists’ canvas panel (from an art supplies shop or discounter) and paint it in the colors of your choice. Then glue the constructed scale model buildings to the canvas panel and hang a set of low relief models popping out in front of the canvas panel like a 3D painting. Hang the 3D painting above your layout or in your office. The effect is amazing and will be a great talking point.

Constructing Splendidly Detailed Scale Model Buildings

Supplied by David Walker

The hobby of making your very own scale model buildings at home can keep you happily engaged for hours on end. If you like, you can make everything from scratch right at home. Of course, you would have to get a train set and all its assorted tracks, but you can make the scenery easily and at your own pace at home. Paper printable plans for HO scale industrial buildings can be downloaded.

So how far have you come in your scenery construction? Did you decide which era you want to depict in your model railroad scenery? Are you clear about how you plan to continue with your model railroad layout? Have you developed the basic layout and backdrops? Are you natural settings in place?

Once you have laid out the basic scenery, you would need to get into the detailed specifics. After all, your model railroad cannot simply comprise of natural scenery. It would also need to have various man-made things like poles, signboards, shops, houses, a railway station and many other scale model buildings. So how can you go about making HO scale industrial buildings and other background structures? Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Should A Beginner Buy Scale Model Buildings In Plastic?

If you are new to building railroad structures, you can always buy yourself some starting kits. These plastic kits (although relatively expensive) will allow you to make your own scale model buildings with the given guidance instructions and provided materials. This process is not only easy, but is also fun and gives amazing results, although sometimes structures like this look plasticy and need a great deal of weathering to make them look more real. There are a variety of plastic models available in the market. You can buy downloadable scale model buildings (relative inexpensive) or plastic model kits, whichever suits your needs and budget.

Of course if you are among those who love to make everything on their own from scratch, then you can make the scale model buildings yourself too. Following are some ways to make scale railroad buildings at home:

Using Plastic Models

There are many plastic buildings available that you can buy and turn into a part of your railroad set. To make them look more lifelike instead of their typical shiny plastic self, you can paint it a rust color or some dark brown or gray color. One easy way to make the rooftops look rusted is to wrap the rooftop in a tin foil, soak it in bleach and then sprinkle some paprika on top of it. This will make it look like the roof has rusted. Spray some Dullcote to retain the color.

For Wooden Buildings

You can simply cut pieces of wood, or balsa wood in the shape of a house and insert them in your model. Paint windows, doors and other features to make it look more realistic. There are many times when you want to show a crowded background where there are lots of wooden model buildings. The easiest was to do this is by cutting out blocks of wood and putting them in place. You can even make the wood look old by using a pencil and lightly dragging it over the wood.

Building Models With Ice Cream Sticks

This may sound like something that a kid would do, but ice cream sticks make the best and strongest buildings. Not only are they cheap, they can also be painted any color and made to look from any time period. Collect a number of sticks and construct any building of any size as you need.

Cardboard Scale Model Buildings Made From Download Plans

This is an inexpensive and easy method of construction. You download the plans (the buildings are pre-weathered for you). You can use cardboard (cereal packs), cor flute, or foam core for construction. The completed scale model railroad building will look extremely realistic when finished. HO scale industrial buildings are perfect as 3D or background structures on model railroads.

Enjoy your railroading – operating trains is a wonderful hobby.

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