Construct Two Scale Model Railway Stations and Train Platforms,
Two Engine Sheds, a Freight Depot, Signal Box, and
Telegraph Office. Perfect for N, OO, or HO Scale Railroads...



Rail Yard Pack Deal


Download, print, and construct paper card stock plans. Train stations, engine sheds, signal box, and goods depot.

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You might have wanted to make scale models like these, but with the high cost of buying plastic kits could have put you off. Well, now you can download plans to scratch-build these 9 printable paper models for only $29.95 which is a saving of around 70% off the individual prices – and, probably about 10% of the cost of buying comparable plastic kits for these models if they were available. There is nothing wrong with plastic kits, however they do require good airbrushing skills so as to “kind of” replicate the real photographic images utilized in many of these designs.

Simply download these plans, print them out, glue them to discarded card from old cereal boxes, and assemble them. Photographic style images are used, so there is no weathering, painting, or airbrushing required. If you want to a bit more than the norm, then you can touch up the edges and folds with a lead pencil, paint brush, or felt tipped pen. You can also sticks some additional scrap card on the inside of buildings after assembly if you want to do that for extra sturdiness. You could also give the models a couple of very light sprays of clear matt varnish if you deem it necessary. It is entirely your choice.

The two model train stations, two railway station platforms, two engine sheds, the red brick freight depot, replica signal box, and telegraph office can be downloaded, and constructed for N scale, OO gauge, and HO scale model railroads.

Railroad Structures

Railroad Structures

Paper Building Models are an Excellent Way to Construct a Substantial Model Railroad Scene for Minimal Cost and Maximal Realism

On real life-size railroads, the switching yard is a set of track sidings where the cars and wagons get unloaded or loaded. A lot of engine shunting goes on as trains get moved around and wagons get added and deleted. So how do you replicate real life reality on scale model railroads? On model train layouts a switching yard or siding is sometimes near a passenger railway station, but in larger towns there might be a separate goods station or freight depot. Inward and outbound mail traffic might traditionally have been handled within (or nearby) the train station. Sizes and scale can be altered to fit the confined space of a model railroad, because in realty trains run of tens or sometimes hundreds of miles without stopping or passing through cities, towns, or even rural communities. So, sometimes the model railroader needs to compact the scene to fit enough activity and signs of human life onto the scaled-down layout. To model a scene that represents a full size scene of 100 miles would take an enormous space in N scale, let alone the bigger HO sale or OO gauge used for model railroads.

Paper Building Models are Exceptionally Realistic for Use on Model Railroads

Using paper building models downloaded at home can be an first-rate idea if realism is the objective. Printable scale models are also great value for money and can be purchased in downloadable packs of several paper models for a discounted sale price.

Take for example the freight depot featured in this video tutorial. Depending on your country of location, the building was probably called a goods shed, or freight depot. This model (B440) is one of the downloadable paper building models on this website and represents a scaled-down replica of what a typical freight depot might look like. You’ll notice it has large doors, and is open at both ends, it includes a loading/unloading platform, and even features a little office. Look closely and you’ll also notice it is weathered to indicate age on these paper building models like the freight depot which can be realistically constructed for HO scale or N scale model railroads.

To get the kit plan for these paper models you download a PDF, then print it out same size if your purchased the paper models in OO scale, or scale the OO plan on your home printer to 87 percent if you want it at exactly HO scale, or just purchase the N scale plans if you are modeling in N scale. The paper models can be constructed using cardstock from a grocery box (eg. cereal pack). Plans for printable scale models like these are extremely easy to follow and the cost after construction is much less than what you might pay for a similar model in shiny plastic.

Constructing Other Paper Building Models Including a Model Railway Station.

The impressive model train station (plan 434) includes a waiting room and toilet block. One wall even has a train time table. Nicely detailed.

No model railroad is complete without at least one or two railway stations for the trains to stop at, unless of course your railroad layout is an industrial line without any passenger trains operating. This scale model railroad station includes restrooms, a parcel office, station masters office, a waiting room and the all important ticket office. You can make your own train platform or use station platform (B441) as featured on this website. Trains can approach the railway station from both directions on either side of the station. This is just one of many paper building models featured here.

This model train station is definitely realistic in appearance and has an interesting roof line that adds to the interest. It is plenty of fun to assemble – you just download the PDF paper plan, print it on with your printer before gluing it together. You can add other finishing touch if you like, but this train station already looks very realistic and is one of more than 200 paper building models to download from this website in HO scale, N scale or download to N scale.

The copyright rules allow you (as purchaser) to print the PDF file for your own non commercial several times if you like without paying for a second download of the paper models. Each kit has easy to follow diagrams to show where the parts fit. Assembling the printable plans for the paper building models will be easy and a lot fun!

B441 Train Station Platform (large).

This railway station platform has enough pieces to accommodate the model train station (B434) and to replicate a life size platform measuring 152ft long x 48ft wide approx. You can simply print more pieces if you require a longer platform. Versatility is what makes these paper building models so special apart from the true realism of the printable textures.

B442 Train Station Platform (small).

This railroad station platform has enough pieces to accommodate the model station (B431) and to replicate a life size platform measuring 91ft long x 36ft wide approx. You can simply print more pieces if you require a longer station platform, or remove pieces for a shorter station platform. The paper building models on this website can be easily adapted.

Almost without exception all train stations, or metro stations have a platform or platforms alongside the train tracks for passengers to safely and easily board or alight from the trains. The same should be true for model railroads. Some rail yards and rail sidings also have freight platforms for freight loading and unloading. Whatever the use, model railroad platforms are something most railroaders can’t do without. Passenger platforms will add realism and interest to a busy train station, or to a small rural railroad station.

This website has a choice paper plans of a large train station platform (B441) and/or a smaller platform for a small railway station (B442). There is even a special deal above where you can get both paper models for a discounted price. The great thing is (unlike with plastic models and kitsets), when you order either of these platforms, you can make as many as you like or extend the platforms as far as you want without paying for another kit.

All you do is download the paper plan(s), which are a PDF file, to your personal computer. You then can print out copies of the PDF paper models when you want to. You can printout multiple copies (if you have a big layout), without paying twice. The only stipulation is that the paper railroad models must be for your own personal use as it breaches copyright laws to distribute the the plans to anyone else for any reason.

After download the paper PDF (s) you printout each part before gluing them onto some cardboard. It is easy to extend (or shorten) each platform by adding or removing sections. The parts are easily glued together and you’re finished.

To scale the train station platforms you just alter the print settings on your home printer. OO scale is actual size so you won’t need any adjustments. HO scale reduces to 87%, If you have an N scale railroad then select the N scale plans at the checkout when purchasing. EASY!

Downloading happens almost straight away after ordering. You’ll can begin construction of your scale model platforms in moments after ordering. You won’t need to wait for the mail, or pay for postage, as the download happens almost immediately. You can save money by ordering both station platforms in the package deal (see details on this site).

Another plan suitable for scale railroads is the model paper building B437 Engine shed workshop (texture – metal sheeting version). Designed around a life-sized building 58.5ftL x 28.5ftW x 31ftH.

This railway engine shed / locomotive repair maintenance workshop is a functional paper model building rather than a nice looking building. It has easy access from both ends and shows signs of weathering with plenty of rusty metal sheets lining the walls. Use cardboard for construction.

Model railroading terms differ somewhat from country to country, but modelers generally know what we are on about when we mention “an engine shed.” Some railroaders might call it a Motive Power Depot or MPD for short, or a Running Shed, or a Traction Maintenance Depot, or maybe a Locomotive Shed or Railway Workshop. The terms all basically refer to a similar thing – a place to park diesel or steam locomotives, and a depot for work crews to undertake maintenance and repairs to keep the engines in good operating condition.

During the steam engine days these repair facilities were utilized for replenishing water as well as refuelling, lubricating with oil and grease, and for removal and disposal of ash. Locomotive construction and some major overhauls were often completed in the locomotive works.

The B437 engine shed you see pictured on this web site is a scaled down replica of the real life-sized thing. It is realistically detailed and carefully weathered with dirt and rust marks, in the same way a full-sized locomotive workshop would be. That’s not to stop you adding your own weathering details to this paper model shed if you feel you want to, but you probably won’t consider it necessary especially when you look closely at the quality of the weathering job that’s already been done.

Download paper building models in PDF is easy and you can and save the plans to a folder on your computer. By doing that you’ll know exactly where the PDF is when you want to run off a copy or two.

After you have printed out the PDF files, glue all the printed parts to cardstock (a cereal packet is ideal) – then using a craft knife you cut out the parts and glue the parts together. The PDF plans include diagrams. It sounds really very easy and it really is!

Downloading from this website happens almost instantly so you don’t need to wait (or pay for) postage. You’ll have the engine shed paper model plans in minutes (if not seconds).

The best buy is the option that includes the big engine shed, the freight depot, and the telegraph office building with little phone booth. Building paper models is a lot of fun and they are wonderfully realistic and super strong when constructed from card.

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