200+ “Uniquely Designed” Scale Model Buildings
to Download, Print-Out, and Build, for Model Railroads.

Plans for these 200+ Scale Model Buildings Have
Unparalleled Originality and Realism

download ho scale model buildings for railroads

If you are fortunate enough to have your very own model railroad either under construction or partly completed, these you’ll probably be interested in trying out some of these miniature scaled replicas of full sized structures. If you don’t own a model railroad, then you might be interested in constructing some of these scale model buildings sold here as a craft project, or as a focal point for a diorama scene. These miniature replicas are also ideal for children completing school projects. Either way, they are enormous fun to build as a pleasurable leisure activity, and it’s very rewarding to stand back and admired the completed structures you personally created.

The printable plans for sale on this website can be easily downloaded and printed out for N scale railroads, or for HO scale or OO gauge railways. The plans can be stuck onto cardboard (old muesli box will be ideal), or in case of backdrop buildings that will rest against the background of your model train layout, use an inexpensive sheet of corflute or foamboard. Both materials can be purchased in big sheets for a very cheap price from DIY, Discount, and Art Supply Stores. Position the constructed scale model buildings around and amongst the scenery on your train layout for maximum effect. You’ll be amazed at the compliments you get from visitors who will undoubtedly be impressed with the preciseness and authenticity of the realism seen in these miniature replicas. The structures will resemble bigger real world buildings they will have seen around cities, towns, and in rural and industrial locations. When put into a miniature town or railyard scene with trains operating nearby, these realistic scale model buildings will help complete the story your train layout is telling. The scaled down buildings will look almost real.

Rail modeler get started in the hobby for varied reasons, and for many, creating scenery and scratch building structures is a highlight of their leisure time activity. It is not surprising considering that constructing scenery and model buildings is very creative and visual. Operating and maintaining trains can be enormous fun too, but for different reasons. We are all different and get enjoyment from different things. And, when you think about it, it is just as well we are not all the same… what a boring and predictable life that would be.

Download Plans to Make Scale Model Buildings in 3D or as Background Structures

Space is always limited and in valuable real estate on an OO / HO scale railroad, and even more so on a smaller N scale railroad. That’s where background industries, warehouses, terraced houses and shops can play a part in maximizing wise usage of the available space against the backdrop.

 scale model buildings for railroads and background structures

Railroad backdrops when done well can provide the illusion the scenery disappears miles into the distance. This technique can prove very effective and impressive on a railway layout, because it helps set the scene and tell a story in what is normally a very confined space. Effective background scenery and structures can make the railroad appear considerable bigger than in reality it is. It can also make efficient use of space proving more room for additional yard track, or scenery, without adversely affecting the look of the scene. In fact; quite the opposite; good background scenes can greatly add to the quality and reality of a scale model railroad. That’s where scale model buildings of background structures really come into play on a train layout.

When you look through the vast selection of downloaded printable paper plans for sale here, you will see there are numerous options for constructing backdrop scenery with plans depicting: warehouses, factories, freight deports, large industries, storage facilities, loading docks, terraced houses, city shops and apartments, one and two level residential houses, and many other structures too. Some buildings can even be easily adapted and extended by printing out additional copies. There is not extra download charge if you decide to make an extra building, or print out an extra copy of the plan so as to extend the length of the model. You download once, and can print it out several times if you so choose (personal use only). It is not like buying plastic kits where you would need to pay money to purchase an additional kit, So, as you can appreciate these plan downloads are very reasonably priced, versatile, incredibly realistic in appearance, and super strong and durable after construction is complete and the glue has dried.

scale model buildings, bridges, walls, tunnel portals

Download and Construct Bridges, Walls, Tunnel Portals, and Scale Model Buildings

Apart from the huge range of model buildings for sale, there is also a very interesting series of plans for making arched railway bridges, brick walls, tunnel portals, a freeway flyover, and a pedestrian overpass for miniature plastic people to cross over the railway tracks to an from a railway station.

Planning Space Allocations on Model Railroads

Most modelers begin doodling track plans long before they figure out where to put them. In fact, nearly everyone will create a fabulous track plan and THEN try to find a place to put it. Unfortunately, reality then strikes and the plans are scaled back to a more manageable level.

In any case, there are a number of ways to go about layout planning and design. Most common is to search the internet or acquire one or more books of sample track plans. There are literally hundreds of designs that have appeared over the years and it should be easy to find one of interest that can serve as a starting point for your own variation.

Before buying any track it is important to take a close look at your proposed model train layout space. It always seems to be that the space is never big enough for what you have in mind. It’s a matter of focus. Your story is the focus of the railroad, and how much of what goes on around the subject of the story depends on how much space you have and how you use it. This is where they style and number of scale model buildings you are intending to include on your model railroad layout pays an important part. Even though you have a larger HO scale layout, as opposed to a smaller N scale layout, everything will be to scale so the same number of buildings will be required.

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