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These printable downloadable plans will add incredible realism to a model railroading background scene, or diorama, and yet they are inexpensive, fun and easy to construct. You simply select a PDF plan (s) from the selection for sale (the pack deals are the best value), download the files to your computer to save and print it out when you are ready. These textures for each plan can be glued to cardstock (old cereal boxes are ideal).

Corflute and foamboard is perfect for house models set against backdrops. It is incredibly sturdy and inexpensive to buy in large sheets from a DIY, discount, or hobby stores.

Construction is a lot of fun and surprisingly easy because no painting or airbrushing is required). You could construct a entire residential street background scene for less than the cost of a couple of plastic model kits!

Construction is a lot of fun and surprisingly easy because no painting or airbrushing is required). You could construct a entire residential street background scene for less than the cost of a couple of plastic model kits!

HO Scale and OO Scale Houses

If you want to construct your house to HO scale, then select the OO scale option when purchasing. The plans can be printed same size for OO scale, or reduced to 87% (for HO scale) by simply adjusting your printer settings scaling to 87%. For S scale change your print settings to 119% of OO.

N Scale Houses

N scale plans are also available, and it is just a case of selecting the N scale option at the checkout. Modelers might prefer to use cereal box cardboard instead of foamboard for construction of these semi-detached house models.

Adding Structures To A Model Train Layout

Thinking about it; the biggest step in progressing from a train set to a model railway is the adding of structures and buildings. Houses and other buildings are essential elements to any train layout, if realism is the objective. Adding details signs of life will take any layout to another level and truly help the entire scene come to life. However before rushing in, it is important to try and picture the scene you want to create. Will your model train layout depict a rural, suburban residential, industrial, or urban landscape?

Space is also a consideration. Scenery, structures, and track all require space, so it will be a matter of deciding your priorities when it comes to train operations verses scenery features. A good train layout will usually incorporate enough track (and track variations) to make train operating sessions enjoyable, yet still include plenty of scenic elements and structures (like scale model houses) to make the scene look real.

For that reason it can be a wise to hold off constructing any permanent scenery until you’re 100% happy with your track layout, placement of structures and buildings, and other scenic features. You can then plan the layout topography and landscape based on these scenic features, rather than simply designing a scene which might look good, but is problematic to work with, or uninteresting for train operations.

That’s one of the key reasons why background buildings are a serious consideration for most model railroaders. Scale model houses like the ones constructed from paper plans seen on this webpage are space efficient, easy to download, fun to construct, and look wonderfully realistic when positioned against a backdrop. They are also very strong when glued together using foamboard, card, or corflute. The placement of model railroad buildings on your train layout is a component of this wonderful hobby that allows you to experiment and demonstrate your creativity.

If your train layout incorporates a city or small towns, you are likely to need a several scale model houses and railroad buildings to add character and life to the scene you are creating. Constructing such a large number of models could take considerable time and money to create depending on how you go about it.

Plastic model kits although very good, are expensive and do require a fair amount of skill with an artist brush or airbrush to achieve a convincingly life-like look. If you have those skills and the budget, then plastic kits can be a good option. Scratch building houses and structures is another possibility for creative and inventive modelers who are also handy with an airbrush. Scratch built models can not only be unique, but also look very real when done well.

Thanks to technology and the invention of PDF files, home printers, and internet downloading, downloadable plans with detailed color textures are now a popular option for serious modelers. Apart from not requiring any shipping (they can be downloaded directly and saved to your computer), these plans are photo-realistic in qualityand don’t require painting or airbrushing. These downloadable paper models are also remarkably strong when constructed from cardboard, corflute sheets, or foamboard. The plans (like the scale house models seen on this website) can be downloaded in OO scale or N scale versions. The OO scale plans can be printed same size, or printed to 87% for HO scale on a home printer. The N scale house models can be printed same size.

If you have been particularly diligent and organized enough with your layout planning, you will likely know precisely what structures, buildings, and house models you will be placing on your train layout and exactly where they will go. It’s likely you will know the exact scale sizes of your buildings, structures, and houses, and whether they will comfortably fit in the space you have available. That being the case, you can get started laying out laying out the track and start work on the landscape and terrain first, ready for adding your buildings, scale model houses, and structures (bridges etc) when you are ready to do so. If you are unsure of the scale of the houses and other models, you’ll find several scale charts, and a free scale conversion tool on this website.

When selecting structures, scale house models and other buildings, to have on your train layout, it is a good idea to utilize buildings that reflect the theme, era and location that you have chosen to replicate in miniature. It wouldn’t make much sense to have buildings that are out of character positioned haphazardly on your train layout just to occupy empty spaces.

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