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This latest series of downloadable miniature railroad structures is suitable for N scale layouts, OO gauge, or HO scale railroads. The 7 printable paper model plans can be assembled with cardboard to make them very strong and durable and include: a trackside passenger shelter, a rural railway station (gray brickwork), a toilet block (restrooms), male and female toilets (restrooms), a train station platform underpass (subway) complete with a roof shelter, a newsstand (gray brick), and another newsstand (red texture). The stationmaster (is that you) would be happy to have this range of model train buildings and structures at his/her disposal.The printable paper plans can be downloaded and constructed with scrap cardboard (old cardstock cereal container) to make these model railroad buildings really tough to withstand years of service.

This a guide to the tools you’ll need and the simple construction process.

Super glue works best for small parts. Extra card can be glued inside for increased strength (optional).

The model train station in this series uses a gray brick texture with red door and red window frames to pack in the character and charm to this design. Cardboard can be used for construction along with the option to use balsa wood or dowel (painted gray) for the end post supports. Texture of a concrete platform base is included, but using this is optional. The gray platform would certainly set-off the model train station if is being constructed as a small stand-alone model diorama scene. The edges of the assembled models can touched up with felt tipped fens, or an artist brush (optional), and the model train station can given a couple of light coats of matt varnish spray for further protection (optional).

Matching the brickwork of the railway station is a toilet block with male and female restrooms. This restroom structure has a small gray brick wall for privacy surrounding the two entrance doors. Other paper models to download in this series of model train buildings includes: a smaller toilet block that could be positioned elsewhere on the layout (maybe in a park or recreation area); a passenger trackside shelter with seat perfect for use as bus stop or tiny rural train station passenger shelter; along with two train station news stands. There is a gray brick news stand to match the brickwork used for the restrooms. This latest series of printable designs features a Newsstand building rendered in red texture. It comes with a gray base which will be popular with anyone wanting to create a small diorama scene. Both newsstands have signage and miniature copies of magazines and newspapers to add to the realism of these printable station models. It should be noted that the model train buildings in this series can be put together using a variety of materials, but cardboard used on products you find in the supermarket is ideal. Balsa wood when painted can be an excellent material to make impressive posts like is seen on the small gray brick textured model train station in this series of OO gauge, N scale and HO scale train station buildings. The printable plans can be downloaded to OO/HO or N scale PDF sizing.

Also a feature of this series is a train station platform underpass (subway) for passengers to use to get to and from the model train station without risking crossing the railway tracks. This cleverly designed paper model can be assembled with or without the wooden shelter to protect passengers from the rain when climbing the stair entering or exiting the model train station. These print-outs after download can be printed multiple times to make multiple copies (personal use only) if required, so the model train station could have a platform subway underpass entrance near the station or newsstand on the railroad platform and a subway underpass exit on one or both sides of the track. The design for this replica platform underpass has concrete steps with concrete and tiled walls, signage, and the optional timber shelter to cover passengers when they climb up or down the steps to/from the station underpass. This is a cleverly designed paper model that can be recessed into the platform to give the illusion the underpass actually does extend under the railway tracks. These model train station buildings and structures can be downloaded to make HO scale structures, OO gauge structures, or N scale structures. Select the scale you want at the checkout.

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Making a Model Railway Shed (with many uses)

This website also includes some small shed buildings which are very versatile and can have many uses on a model railroad. The sheds would look equally good in someone’s backyard (a scale model of course), as a small workshop on a farm, next to an industrial warehouse, on the wharf at a port, or alongside a railroad track – the uses are many and are varied for these small model train buildings. You could actually position 2 or 3 small sheds around an N scale or HO scale railroad layout without them looking out of place.

You are allowed to print not just one, but several copies (for your individual/personal use) of these paper models without paying extra money or breaching international copyrights. Simply follow the simple instructions to download the PDF files of the plan (s) to your computer, then print the plan (s) out, glue each part onto cardboard before gluing each part together. These miniature railroad shed replicas are already weathered to make them look old and well used, however you can add your own unique creativity if you wish.

As an example; the BN420 railway shed (yard shed) on this website is based around a life-size shed 15 ftL x 10.8 ft W x 13 ft H. To download (it’ll take less than 5 minutes) simply click to order one of the two options listed at the checkout – N scale, or OO/HO scale sizing. This small shed would look perfect in a backyard or maybe alongside a the track as a workers hut. It would look equally at home next one of the scale model churches also available on this website. A link to purchase and download the paper models in our range can be found on the HOME PAGE.

If you have a railroad setup you’ll find this scaled down railway shed amazingly realistic and it will look really at home when your model trains roll by. These scale model train buildings are lots of fun and surprisingly easy-to-construct. Also, as I mentioned before, you may print multiple copies of the printable paper models.

Each one of these paper plans has a page of diagrammatic numbered parts to make construction easy.
The model train buildings are carefully weathered to provide charm, along with plenty of character and true realism to the model railroad scene… however that is not to say you can’t include your own finishing details (weathering) if you choose to.

Constructing Model Train Stations The Easy Way

By Guest: P Henry

If you have been developing a railroad layout and are relatively new to the hobby, then you must be wondering how to fine tune your miniature railroad setup. If you have decided all the measurements and the theme of your railroad, you can now start thinking about how best to fill in the details. These would include everything from scenery to human and animal figures, houses and model train stations, signboards, fences, tunnels, trees, mountains, roads, electricity poles and lots of other things.
Confused about how to make all of these things? Don’t be, it’s tremendously enjoyable and it’s not too
hard when you know how. All it requires is some research and a little creativity. If you have trouble with the construction of model railroad stations, here is some information for you.

Types of Model Train Stations

The railway station on any rail line is one of the most important structures, if not the most important. You need to be very careful about what track design because this would determine the accuracy of your knowledge about trains. There are three main types of train stations and many times the stations are a combination of the three types.
Here are the types:

  • Junction: This is the place where the different tracks either converge together to form one single track or diverge away. Having a railway station or other model train buildings nearby usually makes sense.
  • Terminus: Also known as terminal train station, this is the place where all the trains stop for a while (sometimes for repair or services) and then go back to their destinations.
  • Through Station: Again a passing through station, this is the place where local trains stop for a while and then continue onto their destinations. The one major difference is that express trains don’t stop here, they just pass through. This website features paper models of at least three model train stations, one of which is larger than the other two. The two smaller model train stations could become “through stations” for freight traffic, and a stopping point for boarding and alighting passengers on some passenger train services. On this page there is also a small track side passenger shelter that could accommodate only a handful of passengers so could be positioned on a small branch line.

When making your scale railway buildings you would have to keep these things in mind and design according to your personal requirements. There are some other aspects to model train stations too and these include:

  • There are structures to be used for mainly steam engines, diesel, or electric engines. A model train station that has steam engines passing by would likely be more traditional in design (like the small gray version at the top of this page), and could be somewhat dirty (thanks to the passing steam engines).
  • Is the train station model for passengers only? Or just for goods? Of course, it could be for both passengers and goods.
  • Some model train station are built in a way that the trains can be driven in from any end, like Diesel Multiple Units.

Once you have made up your mind about which kind of scale railroad buildings you want to depict in your layout, you can decided whether you want to buy ready made plastic model kits, want to build one on your own, or use the printable paper models from this site. Making your own models from scratch would require patience and practice. Here are some ideas on how you can make model train stations at home.

Making Your Own Miniature Models From Wood or Balsa

To make your own railway models is more difficult, but still achievable. You would need to visit your hardware or local hobby supplies store and buy some hardboard, a strip of wood, paints, nails, glue and some print-outs of brick designs. All you need to do is cut out structures, glue them together and leave them overnight to dry out. Once they have hardened, stick the brick design print-outs on them and paint the rough edges.

If you want to display a stone structure, you can glue small pebbles on the train station. But be careful to use double layers of glue otherwise the stones might come undone. I need to stress this is not an easy process, but I thought I would mention it as an option to consider anyway.

Remember, if you are scratch building, the first few railway buildings might not look exactly like what you had in mind, but here is where your creativity comes in the picture.

Making Train Station Models From Paper Cardboard Is Easier With Downloadable Plans

Downloadable paper models are the easy and very effective way to make a railway stations, rail yard, residential, or industrial structures. All you do is download a PDF printable paper plan from this website, print it out, and then you glue the various parts onto card-stock (cardboard) of your choice. Assembly of these kits is quick and surprisingly easy, and the results look amazingly real.

Painting model train buildings is a thing of the past as these printable buildings are already weathered and painted to look really authentic. These printable downloads don’t look shiny and new. Some have aged effects like rust, mold, and cracks pre printed on the texture designs.

Every miniature model railway needs one or more signal boxes on the layout. This website features a couple of paper plans for railway signal boxes. One has graffiti painted on the walls and one doesn’t. You can then choose which one you prefer to construct. In truth; you can copy off as many paper prints as you wish, providing they are for your exclusive use only. They can’t be resold, traded, or given away to others.

You’ll see how incredibly realistic these model train buildings are when you begin constructing them. By the way, they are a lot of fun and very easy to construct.

Simply download the paper kit or kits (they are PDF files) to your home laptop/computer before printing to the scale of your railway layout – HO scale, OO gauge or for an N scale layout.

These train model buildings come to you by (almost) instant download in the very popular PDF format,which you simply save to your computer/laptop and then print out at your leisure. After that, you glue them onto the back of an old discarded cereal pack and begin gluing the parts together by following the drawing supplied.

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